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Strategies for Achieving Sustained High Economic Growth

Strategies for Achieving Sustained High Economic Growth
The Case of Indian States

First Edition
  • Kaliappa Kalirajan - Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
  • Richard T Shand - The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
  • Shashanka Bhide - Director General, National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi

May 2010 | 244 pages | SAGE India
Strategies for Achieving Sustained High Economic Growth identifies the factors influencing countrywide economic growth and development by analysing the economic strategies and experiences of various Indian states. It employs a very broad range of analytical techniques to understand the growth patterns and inter-linkages among the sectors and economies of the states.

The empirical studies of Indian state economies have largely ignored the inter-dependence of agriculture and industry sectors. The authors explore how this inter-relationship translates into the growth stimulus between the two sectors. The analysis looks at the growth experiences of the states with respect to convergence of their growth rates, spill-over effects of growth of one state on the others, and the impact of macroeconomic policies at the state level. The book also provides insights into factors that can lead to higher and more even growth performance by the Indian states so that the disparity becomes minimal.

This book will be a helpful reference for scholars and students of economics and policy studies and political economics.
Growth Experience of the Indian States: Similarities and divergence

Learning from Sectoral Linkages: Agriculture and the economy

State Agriculture in the National Economy Setting

Explaining Variations in Agricultural Productivity Across Indian States: The role of human capital and infrastructure

Investment Patterns and Response to Economic Reforms at the State Level

Policy Conclusions


The merit of this book is the use of various methods of econometrics to measure convergence of per capita income, inter-sectoral linkage between agriculture and manufacturing, efficiency of agricultural productivity, etc. Readers can easily learn which method is appropriate to analyze various phenomena. This book can be recommended for all scholars who have an interest in regional disparity across states in India.

South Asia Economic Journal

The book studies the patterns of economic growth, investment flows, agriculture-industry nexus and income and convergence. The inter-linkages of the sectors and regions and the opportunities they create for raising the level of economic activities further are analysed in this book.

The Organiser

[The book] is quite heavily oriented towards an analysis of the agricultural sector.... The volume is a useful addition to the literature on analysis of inter-state variations...offers several valuable insights on the subject of overall growth and agricultural performance.

ASCI Journal of Management

Kaliappa Kalirajan

Kaliappa Kalirajan is presently Professor at the Australian National University, Canberra and also Professor at the Foundation for Advanced Studies in International Development, Tokyo. He has taught econometrics, economic theory and economic development to undergraduate and graduate students in a number of universities. He has published widely in academic journals and has several books to his credit. More About Author

Richard T Shand

Richard T Shand worked as Executive Director, Australia South Asia Research Centre, The Australian National University, Canberra where he was also on the faculty of Department of Economics. He has published widely in academic journals and has authored and edited books on development issues. More About Author

Shashanka Bhide

Shashanka Bhide has been a senior researcher at NCAER for more than 25 years, including brief periods of work at the Australia South Asia Research Centre, Canberra during 1998–99 and as Professor during 2003–04 at Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore. He received his postgraduate education at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and Iowa State University, Ames. His interests include macroeconomic modelling, agriculture and economic development. He has published a number of research articles, reports and other books on a range of issues relating to economic development. More About Author

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