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Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing
A Guide for Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • M J Xavier - Academy for Management Excellence, Chennai

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Marketing Strategy & Theory

August 1999 | 360 pages | SAGE Response
Marketing activity the world over has witnessed an unprecedented spurt in the last decade owing to the process of globalization. In the face of new competition, which includes both global players and a new breed of aggressive domestic entrepreneurs, companies need to rethink their marketing strategies to survive and grow in the crowded market. Strategic Marketing provides a systematic approach to marketing managers to formulate strategies that can give their organizations the desired competitive edge in the current environment, as well as help them to forecast and plan for future challenges. The book covers the various aspects of strategic marketing including the basic concepts, new developments, and strategies to cope with the changing business environment. It discusses the methods to analyse markets, customer requirements, competitor capabilities, organization competencies, and marketing mix. It also covers marketing research methods and demand forecasting techniques. In conclusion, the book integrates all these aspects and discusses the formulation of an effective marketing strategy.
Strategic Marketing: An Effective Tool for Business Planning  
Scanning the Environment for Scenario Building  
Researching Markets and the Consumer Base  
Identifying the Market Structure and Trends  
Understanding the Requirements of Consumers  
Assessing the Capabilities of Competitors  
Mapping the Competency Profile of the Company  
Analysing the Marketing Mix  
Formulating Strategies for Sustainable Competitive Advantage  

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M J Xavier

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