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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Tenth Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)
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March 2024 | 760 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Taking a truly international approach, Strategic Management offers you comprehensive coverage of all the core areas of business strategy in a reader-friendly way. Thoroughly updated and with the addition of four brand-new authors, the tenth edition features:

• Balanced treatment of prescriptive and emergent models of strategic management.
• Application of strategic theory to key areas such as technology and innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurial and public sector strategy.
• Cutting-edge content on navigating change in the strategic environment, digital transformation strategies and the role of strategic groups.
• 15 brand new case studies showcasing real-life examples from recognisable brands such as Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Apple, Tesla, Toyota, Alibaba, Samsung, Starbucks and UK banks, plus updated case material throughout. 
• A range of practical tools to support your learning, including summaries of key strategic principles, strategic project ideas, critical reflections, questions and further reading.

Suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Professor Richard Lynch is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management at Middlesex University, London.
Dr Oliver Barish is Lecturer in Management at Birkbeck Business School, Birkbeck, University of London.
Dr Vinh Sum Chau is Senior Lecturer in Strategy at Kent Business School, University of Kent.
Dr Charles Thornton is Lecturer in Service Operations Management and Business Strategy at Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth.
Dr Karl Warner is Lecturer in Strategy at Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow.
Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 Strategic Management
Chapter 2 A Review of Theory and Practice
Part 2 Strategic Analysis and Purpose
Chapter 3 Analysing the Strategic Environment
Chapter 4 Analysing Resources and Capabilities
Chapter 5 Strategy Dynamics
Chapter 6 Prescriptive Purpose Delivered through Mission, Objectives and Ethics
Chapter 7 Purpose Emerging from Innovation, New Resources and Technologies
Part 3 Developing the Strategy
Chapter 8 Developing Business-level Strategy Options
Chapter 9 Developing Corporate-level Strategy Options
Chapter 10 Strategy Evaluation and Development: The Prescriptive Process
Chapter 11 Finding the Strategic Route Forward from Knowledge, Learning and Networks
Chapter 12 Organisational Structure, Style and People Issues
Part 4 The Implementation Process
Chapter 13 Implementing and Controlling the Strategic Plan
Chapter 14 Green Strategy and Sustainability
Chapter 15 Managing Strategic Change
Part 5 Different Strategy Contexts
Chapter 16 Strategic Leadership
Chapter 17 Entrepreneurial Strategy
Chapter 18 Government, Public Sector and Not-for-profit Strategies
Chapter 19 International Expansion and Globalisation Strategies

Strategic Management by Richard Lynch is the definitive textbook on how to proactively create and control an organization’s future direction and competitive advantage. This is the result of a lifetime of experience and insight, distilled into an compelling and comprehensive book.

Professor Thomas C. Lawton
University College Cork, Ireland and University of Surrey, UK

Strategic Management remains the key textbook for exploring both the innovative and planned aspects of strategy. Its readable, student-friendly style works well with its comprehensive and current coverage of all the key strategy topics. 

Professor Nicholas O'Regan
Aston Business School, UK

Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management at Middlesex University, London, England. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Portsmouth, England. He originally studied at UMIST, Leeds University and the London Business School. He then spent over 20 years in business with well-known companies such as J Walter Thompson, Kraft Jacobs Suchard and Dalgety Spillers in positions in marketing and strategic management. During the early 1980s, he was a director of two public companies before setting up his own consultancy company specialising in European and international strategy. In the 1990s he became increasingly... More About Author

Oliver Barish

Dr Oliver Barish is Assistant Dean (Recruitment & Marketing) in the School of Business, Economics & Informatics, Birkbeck, University of London. He teaches strategic management to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Management at Birkbeck. Before embarking on an academic career in 2009, Oliver was the Managing Director of a software company and a military officer. More About Author

Vinh Sum Chau

Dr Vinh Sum Chau is Senior Lecturer in Strategy at the Kent Business School, University of Kent.  He has served as an associate editor for the British Journal of Management and the European Management Review.  He is the chair of the Performance Management track of the British Academy of Management.  His research interests are in organisational effectiveness and emerging market country development. More About Author

Charles Thornton

Dr Charles Thornton is Lecturer in Service Operations and Business Strategy, Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth. Charles has taught strategic management for over 25 years management to a range of postgraduate and undergraduate students. He has a particular interest in the Resource Based View of the firm and its impact on product diversification.  Charles lectured in London, before moving to the University of Plymouth in 2007. Prior to lecturing, he worked in commercial banking. More About Author

Karl S. R. Warner

Dr Karl Warner is Lecturer in Strategy, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. His published research has investigated how incumbent firms build dynamic capabilities for digital transformation, which has implications for reinventing business models, enhancing workplace collaborations and improving organisational cultures. He has taught strategic management at all higher-education levels and on senior executive education programmes. More About Author

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