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Stigma and Sexual Orientation

Stigma and Sexual Orientation
Understanding Prejudice against Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals

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This timely and accessible contribution towards a deeper understanding of homophobia provides much-needed insight into the issue of prejudice in general.

Topics discussed include: the nature of antigay prejudice, stereotypes and behaviours; the consequences of homophobia and related phenomena on the well-being of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals; and the critical need for psychology and science to confront homophobia and related issues.

Gregory M Herek
Karen Franklin
Unassuming Motivations
Contextualizing the Narratives of Antigay Assailants

Drury Sherrod and Peter M Nardi
Homophobia in the Courtroom
An Assessment of Biases against Gay Men and Lesbians in a Multi-Ethnic Sample of Potential Jurors

Mary E Kite and Bernard E Whitley Jr
Do Heterosexual Women and Men Differ in Their Attitudes toward Homosexuality? A Conceptual and Methodological Analysis
Angela Simon
The Relationship between Stereotypes of and Attitudes toward Lesbians and Gays
Geoffrey Haddock and Mark P Zanna
Authoritarianism, Values and the Favorability and Structure of Anti-Gay Attitudes
Douglas Alan Strand
Civil Liberties, Civil Rights and Stigma
Voter Attitudes and Behavior in the Politics of Homosexuality

Joanne Diplacido
Minority Stress among Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals
A Consequence of Heterosexism, Homophobia and Stigmatization

Ilan H Meyer and Laura Dean
Internalized Homophobia, Intimacy and Sexual Behavior among Gay and Bisexual Men
Anthony R D'Augelli
Developmental Implications of Victimization of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youths
Andrew McLeod and Isiaah Crawford
The Postmodern Family
An Examination of the Psychosocial and Legal Perspectives of Gay and Lesbian Parenting

Greogory M Herek
Bad Science in the Service of Stigma
A Critique of the Cameron Group's Survey Studies


Gregory M. Herek

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