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Status Inequality

Status Inequality
The Self in Culture

Volume: 15
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With his co-author, De Vos - a major figure in psychological anthropology - explores anthropological, sociological and psychoanalytical insights into human behaviour. Their unified theory synthesizes social structure and personality structure, concepts previously seen as diametrically opposed. The authors point to the symbolic nature of groups, the experience of ethnicity and of inequality, and the impact of internal and external variables on the sense of self. Separating the effects of status inequality from other social and psychological determinants of behaviour, this intriguing work discusses the developmental experience of the self.
Self in Society
A Multilevel, Psychocultural Analysis

Internalization and Human Resonance
From Empathy to Alienation

Sacrifice and the Experience of Power
Conflict, Dominance and Exploitation
The Sacred and Expressive in Systems of Social Segregation

Caste and Gender
A Psychocultural Approach to Awe, Purity and Pollution

Conflict and Accommodation in Ethnic Interaction
Ethnic Belonging and Status Mobility
Migration, Minority Status and Education
US-Europe Comparisons


George De Vos

Marcel Suarez-Orozco

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