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Statistics in Business & Management

Statistics in Business & Management
A Guide to Using Excel & IBM SPSS Statistics

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October 2020 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Grounded in real-world business research and with tailored examples throughout, this comprehensive guide shows the reader how to visualise and apply IBM SPSS and Microsoft Excel software across their work, helping the reader apply statistical methods to business management contexts and principles. The book includes:
  • Authentic case studies of real research
  • Step-by-step solutions
  • Questions to check your understanding
  • A range of digital resources to enhance learning, such as an online workbook, additional datasets and solutions, and additional questions and exercises.

These highly experienced authors have woven SPSS and Excel into each chapter with plenty of visual flags and pictorial directions to show the reader everything they need to know.

Visualising and presenting data
Data descriptors: How do we summarise data?
Probability distributions
Sampling distributions
Point and interval estimates
An introduction to parametric hypothesis testing
Chi-square and non-parametric hypothesis testing
Linear correlation and regression analysis
Introduction to time series data, long-term forecasts and seasonality
Short and medium-term forecasts

This text is ideal for business and management students who are seeking a proficiency in statistics to prepare them for research and decision making in a business line-management role. The illustration of the various applications are accessible and understandable, as are the welcome illustrations in both Excel and SPSS, which can provide students with necessary skills and proficiencies as they move through their studies and into graduate level employment. There is an important balance of both theory and practical application provided within the textbook.

Andrew Robson
Northumbria University

The most considerable appeal of Statistics in Business and Management is to offer students a unique opportunity to learn both basic statistics that are essential for business and management and some useful statistics tools such as Excel and SPSS. This book helps students to undertake statistical analysis as well as interpret the results. Another beauty of this textbook is that it is written using plain and simple language and it provides numerous examples to explain every topic. The chapters typically start with the explanation of the statistics concept and method, followed by applying it in Excel and then in SPSS.

Xiaoling Hu
University of Gloucestershire

This textbook is ideal for those students seeking a clear understanding of business statistics and their applications. The strength of this textbook is in the large number of worked examples with clearly explained solutions. Furthermore, the use Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics software packages is employed within the solution process.

Jim Innerd
Senior Examiner for Pearson Edexel (international)

This book provides very useful and important information on methods of analysis that are extremely useful for my studies in social media marketing and their measurement. It offers insightful and very easy to understand explanations as to multiple methods of analysis that can be used during my studies. Very highly recommended.

Sal Sinawi

As a student, one can often wonder how (or even if) a theory or concept is relevant to real-world situations. This is not the case with Glyn’s books, combining theory with relevant, illustrative examples, not just explaining the concept in question, but showing how they are implemented and used. From my own experience, this helps keep students interested and motivated as they know they are not just learning how to pass an assignment, but attaining skills and knowledge which employers crave in graduates.


Having worked for three very different organisations which heavily rely on Excel, I can personally testify to its importance to businesses of all sizes, from local SMEs to multinational organisations with tens of thousands of employees. Glyn’s books cleverly distil what can seem complex and daunting into easy to understand, illustrated chunks, without omitting any important details nor diluting any concepts.

Marc Owens

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Glyn Davis

Since 1988 I have had a varied career within the university sector teaching e-Business, IT, statistics, and quantitative methods within the School of Computing, Teesside University Business School, School of Social Sciences, Business and Law, and since 2018 within Teesside Business School.I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) and in 2002 was awarded the status of Teesside University Teaching Fellow.Professionally, I have been a member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications as a Chartered Mathematician (until 2004) and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (until 2004).My learning and teaching... More About Author

Branko Pecar

Branko spent most of his professional life in the world of process control, working mainly for Emerson, one of the largest global process control equipment manufacturing corporations. Throughout his career he held numerous positions such as an Account Director, Applications Director, Regional VP in the Middle East and others. His employment took him around the world, and he had ex-pat assignments in the Middle East, USA, etc.  Before he embarked on the industrial career, Branko got a Ph.D. During his long employment with Emerson, he decided to take a "sabbatical" from his business and industry career. He joined the University of... More About Author

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