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Statistics for Psychology Using R

Statistics for Psychology Using R

First Edition
  • Vivek M. Belhekar - Faculty member, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai
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October 2016 | 432 pages | SAGE Texts

A unique textbook introducing and demonstrating the use of R in psychology.

Statistics for Psychology Using R
 comprehensively covers standard statistical methods along with advanced topics such as multivariate techniques, factor analysis, and multiple regression widely used in the field of psychology and other social sciences. Its innovative structure and pedagogical approach coupled with numerous worked-out examples and self-assessment tests make it a user-friendly and easy-to-understand companion for students and scholars with limited background in statistics.

The standout feature of this textbook is that it demonstrates the application of R—a free, flexible, and dynamically changing software for statistical computing and data analysis, which is becoming increasingly popular across social and behavioral sciences.


Probability: Basic Concepts and Random Variables
Statistical Inference
Description of Data: Statistics and Graphical Description
Normal Distribution: Theory, Application, and Testing
Correlation and Association
Regression Analysis
Comparing Means: t-Test
Analysis of Variance
Non-parametric Methods
Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling
Basic Psychometrics
Appendix A: Introduction to R
Appendix B: Basic Mathematics for Psychologists
Appendix C: Statistical Tables


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Vivek M. Belhekar

Vivek M. Belhekar is currently Assistant Professor at Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai. He has been teaching at University of Mumbai for the last 13 years. His areas of interest include personality psychology, particularly the five-factor model of personality, personality disorders, evolutionary psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and psychological aspects of economic behavior. He was a part of UGC-UPE Center for Behavioral Research and currently he is also working with Center for Experimental and Computational Social Sciences under UPE-UGC. He has several cross-national collaborations and also adapted quite a... More About Author

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