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State of India's Livelihoods Report 2012

State of India's Livelihoods Report 2012

First Edition
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November 2012 | 232 pages | SAGE India
The State of India's Livelihoods Report (SOIL Report) is an annual publication that aims to document recent trends and issues in the sphere of livelihoods promotion of the poor. A one-of-its-kind report, it is the only document that aggregates the experiences and challenges of the livelihoods sector, analyses case studies and reports the progress of both government and privately run programmes with respect to the 4Ps-People, Policy, Promoters and Potential.

This volume of the SOIL Report discusses the current debates in the livelihoods sector, livelihoods of the poor and how they are making both ends meet and the policies and plans on livelihoods. Further, it takes stock of the progress and development in the past one year in flagship programmes for poverty reduction through livelihoods enhancement and the growing importance of CSR in livelihoods promotion of poor. With the shrinking space of NGOs and the increasing importance of the government and the private sector, the Report also takes a look at the changing role of civil society and the emphasis on the State as a livelihoods promoter.


Understanding Livelihoods: A Review of Major Debates

Tara Nair
Livelihoods of People: How the Poor are Making Both Ends Meet

Sankar Datta
Policy Initiatives on Livelihoods: Emerging Scenario

Ashok Sircar
Flagship Programmes of the Government: Where do We Stand?

Suryamani Roul
Livelihoods Protection and Promotion: The Changing Role of Civil Society Organizations

Smita Premchander
Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Livelihoods Promotion of Poor: A Commentary

Unmesh Brahme
Potential and Possibilities for Livelihood of the Poor

Biswa Bandhu Mohanty

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Vipin Sharma

Vipin Sharma is the CEO, ACCESS Development Services. He is responsible for institutionalization and expansion of the organization as a pan-India resource organization to support livelihoods and microfinance outreach. He has earlier worked in CARE-India as Programme Director, Microfinance, heading CASHE (Credit and Savings for Household Enterprises), CARE’s largest microfinance programme worldwide. Prior to that, he was Executive Director, Rural Non-Farm Development Agency (RUDA), Government of Rajasthan. He holds a BA (Hons) in History from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and an MA in History from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. More About Author

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