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Start-ups and Disruption

Start-ups and Disruption
Paradigms Built on People, Business and Technology

November 2022 | 264 pages | SAGE Response
In Start-ups and Disruption: Paradigms Built on People and Technology, Kadambari explores key disruptive paradigms, across various industry sectors and society in general, that are being driven primarily by technology. She focuses on the socio-economic and behavioural factors that make one a successful disruptor.

Using practical examples and case studies, the book proposes a framework of disruptive action that enables the understanding of evaluating potential opportunities for positive disruption, the challenges one might face, key lessons and some useful life hacks that can enable start-ups, budding entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders of social change to create successful and lasting disruptive paradigms.
Foreword by Rakesh Jain
CHAPTER 1: Individuality and the Loci of Identity, Perception and Control
CHAPTER 2: Beginnings: Influences and Expectations during Our Early Years
CHAPTER 3: Morality and Nature: Paradigm Shifts within and without
CHAPTER 4: Rise of the Female
CHAPTER 5: Disruptive Paradigms I: Technology-Led Disruption
CHAPTER 6: Disruptive Paradigms II: Technology-Enabled Innovation
CHAPTER 7: ‘Influencers’: Media and the Zeitgeist
CHAPTER 8: A Framework for Disruptive Action

The book provides you, the reader, a great opportunity to make one or more radical changes that may alter the trajectory of your life. The Covid pandemic triggered the creation of this idea in Kadambari’s mind, and her journey of deep reflection and an intense study of the phenomenon of disruption has resulted in this interesting book. While her thesis of disruption is valuable to build a better understanding of the subject, the bigger lesson to take away is that each one of us should use this discontinuity caused by Covid to stop, reflect, introspect and then create new possibilities for ourselves. Start NOW, before the disruption caused by Covid passes by and you settle back into the old,comfortable rhythm of life!

Rajendra S. Pawar (Padma Bhushan)
Chairman and Co-Founder, NIIT Group

If you are serious about charting a successful course in your endeavour to becoming a disruptive, game-changing entrepreneur or leader, then this book should be on your required reading list. You will be rewarded with a practical, and easy to implement, framework to translate your ideas into actions and to leverage those actions to build a successful enterprise. This book can give you the boost that you need to kick-start or advance your career as an entrepreneurial leader. Highly recommended!

Pradeep Chintagunta
Joseph T. and Bernice S. Lewis Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and Member, Governing Council, IIM Ahmedabad

In this thought-provoking book, Ms Kadambari Batra explores the psyche of the disruptive entrepreneur, while discussing in depth various technology-driven start-up business models. A must-read book for those who are looking to become successful entrepreneurs in any industry,including primary and the public sectors. Start-ups and Disruption is a rare gem!

Ajit M. Sharan
Secretary (Retd.), Government of India and Board Member, Dabur India Ltd

The COVID-19 Pandemic has given birth to start-ups that have come up with new business models that have revolutionized the healthcare industry, giving digital solutions to patients to manage their health. Start-ups and Disruption is a very timely and topical book on the emergence of such technology based start-ups and what makes a successful model in this sector tick. A highly recommended, informative and enjoyable
book, particularly for emerging entrepreneurs!

Dr S. S. Bansal
India’s leading cardiologist and CMD, SSB Heart & Multi-Speciality Hospital

Disruption is here to stay, and the more we understand it,the better we will be at using it to usher in new ideas and change! Ms Kadambari Batra has written a succinct and easy-to-read primer for anyone planning to challenge the status quo—those looking to set up their own start-up, implement innovative thought leadership in any field or bringing about social change …. A highly recommended read for all young entrepreneurs and leaders!

Sridhar Rao
Ex-CEO, Vodafone M-Pesa, Co-Founder, Novopay Solutions Private Limited and Founder, Infinum Growth, India

A very interesting and engaging book on the idea of disruption,especially the role that women leaders are playing today in challenging the established status quo in all walks of life and the public sector or corporate sector. Start-ups and Disruptions is a timely and engaging read recommended for all, particularly women aspiring to be thought leaders in their field.

Vini Mahajan
IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India

I found this an extremely timely book on the emergence of new disruptive paradigms in the last few years that have been powered by technology, particularly in India’s primary sector and at the grassroots level. The idea of market needs shaping technology, and, in turn, technology shaping demand is a powerful one. India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is buzzing with energy today, and this book is timely and strongly recommended for those looking to action their disruptive ideas in a structured way while learning from the experiences of other entrepreneurial leaders.

Vivek Singh
Member, Advisory Board, Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan, Government of India and Co-Founder, Saraswati Seva Foundation, India

Ms Kadambari Batra’s book is a roadmap to successfully implementing disruptive and paradigm shifting ideas. One learns from the success stories of pioneers, but more so from their failures, as this book demonstrates! In her professionalism also Ms Batra demonstrates how change and fresh ideas make a difference in shaping our future. An inspiring book with many practical takeaways to succeed, especially for women who are looking to make a difference. A highly recommended read!

Andrea Gutknecht
Head of Legal, Lufthansa Group Company, Germany

An interesting and well-researched book! It explains the basic concepts of disruptive paradigms very succinctly and clearly, while giving readers the opportunity to learn from various practical examples across different industries.
I will recommend this book to anyone looking to create their own start-ups or promote entrepreneurial thinking in their work, particularly women.

Arpita Ghatak
Vice President, Risk and Control,Leading Financial Services Company, UK

Should I? How to? Why? If these are questions that plague you when you examine what you think is your next game changing idea, then Ms Batra’s Start-ups and Disruptions can definitely give you the answers you need. It will give you a new way of understanding and implementing a disruptive idea while learning from the best …. Don’t miss out on this book!

Lakshman Gupta Kanamarlapudi
Co-Founder Qapita Fintech, Singapore – Largest Equity Management Provider in South East Asia

Kadambari Rao Batra

Kadambari Rao Batra is a London-based senior management professional with 20+ years of experience in managing the revenue generation function of technology companies that provide IT solutions to insurance markets globally. She has worked for organizations such as KPMG, Hewlett Packard (HP) and DXC Technologies, across the United Kingdom,Europe and India. She has given guest lectures on business management and women in leadership at institutions like the Delhi School of Economics, India. She has also worked with start-ups in an advisory capacity and has founded her own online lifestyle and fashion venture, StylebyKadi.Kadambari is an avid... More About Author

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