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Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing

Fourth Edition

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Sports Marketing

May 2023 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Sports Marketing, Fourth Edition guides students in gaining a better understanding of how to develop and implement marketing strategies and tactics within the sports marketing industry. Author Sam Fullerton provides thorough coverage of this discipline's two broad perspectives: the marketing of sports products and creating a sports platform as the foundation for the marketing of nonsports products.

PART ONE - The Foundation of Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 1 - Introduction to Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 2 - The Four Domains of Sports Marketing
PART TWO - Marketing Through Sports
CHAPTER 3 - Marketing through Sports Using Theme-Based Strategies
CHAPTER 4 - Traditional Sponsorship
CHAPTER 5 - Marketing of Nonsports Products via a Sports Sponsorship Platform
PART THREE - The Marketing of Sports Products
CHAPTER 6 - Segmentation of the Sports Market
CHAPTER 7 - Product Decisions in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 8 - Distribution Decisions and Facilities Management in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 9 - Pricing Decisions in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 10 - Developing a Promotional Strategy for the Marketing of Sports Products
PART FOUR - Emerging Issues in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 11 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Business of Sports
CHAPTER 12 - Technology in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 13 - Controversial Issues in Sports Marketing


Sam Fullerton

Sam Fullerton returned to college after a two-year stint in the US Army where he served as the ?re control operator who was responsible for pressing the ?re button on HAWK missiles. Fortunately, since he was stationed in Bamberg, Germany, the button was only pushed during the frequent operational readiness evaluations. Upon being discharged, he took full advantage of the GI Bill to fund his way through college. His focus turned to marketing because of a great experience with his ?rst marketing professor, Dr. H. Robert Dodge. Sam went on to earn his BBA and MS degrees with majors in marketing at the University of Memphis or what he still... More About Author

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