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Spaces of Work

Spaces of Work
Global Capitalism and Geographies of Labour

First Edition
  • Noel Castree - University of Manchester, UK, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
  • Neil Coe - University of Manchester, UK
  • Kevin Ward - University of Manchester, UK
  • Michael Samers - University of Nottingham, UK

303 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Spaces of Work is an accessible examination of the role of labour in the modern world. The authors critically assess the present condition and future prospects for workers through the geographies of place, space and scale, and in conjunction with other more commonly studied components of the globalisation such as production, trade and finance.

Each chapter presents examples of labour practice from around the world, and across multiple sectors of work, not just Western manufacturing. In addition, the book features:

· further reading section with key questions

· glossary of key terms

· short summaries of the main theoretical approaches

· guide to further learning resouces

Spaces of Work is a key book for all social scientists interested in the contemporary state of labour, and the scope for progressive change within the capitalist system. Students of human geography, sociology, international political economy, economics and cultural studies will all find this an invaluable text.

The Social Relations of Labour
Working in a Capitalist World

Placing Labour in an Interdependent World
Spacing and Scaling Labour
Re/placing Labour
Varieties of Localism
Dis/placing Labour
Up-scaling Worker Action
The Geographical Dilemmas of Justice

Noel Castree

Noel Castree is a Professor of Society & Environment at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He has applied Marxist political economy to understand global environmental change and policy. His recent research explores how different forms of expertise jostle to gain traction in public understandings of the Earth and its future trajectories. He is the managing editor of the peer review journal Progress in Human Geography, co-editor of the book David Harvey: A Critical Reader (2007) and author of Making Sense of Nature (2014). His recent articles have appeared in Anthropocene Review, Environmental Humanities and Ambio, among others. More About Author

Neil Coe

Neil Coe is a Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Manchester.  More About Author

Kevin Ward

Kevin is Professor of Human Geography and is the School of Environment's Director of External Relations and the Faculty's Director of cities@manchester at the University of Manchester. He is a geographical political economist with interests in urban politics and policy on the one hand, and work and employment on the other. His current work explores urban policies to see where they come from, how they travel, where they end up and what these journeys mean for the cities the policies pass through. Theoretically, this involves rethinking what is meant by ‘the urban’ in urban politics, as elements of different places are assembled and... More About Author

Mike Samers

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