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Sorting Data

Sorting Data
Collection and Analysis

104 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
If you need hints on how to collect, describe, compare and analyze data, you will find them in this handy guide. The author addresses: specification; elaboration; sampling of the `domain' or what is to be sorted. There is also help on: setting the criterion; the pre-test; administration; and recording of results. The author gives special consideration to problems of categorization and illustrates with a real research example.
Collecting Free-Sorting Data
Describing and Comparing Sortings
Analyising Sorting Data

Anthony P. M. Coxon

Tony Coxon was an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Edinburgh's School of Social and Political Studies. He was also Emeritus Professor, University of Wales, College of Cardiff. He taught MDS and advanced quantitative methods for more than 30 years and wrote numerous articles on the various techniques and models associated with MDS. Most notably, Dr. Coxon published three methodology texts: The User's Guide to Multidimensional Scaling (1982, Heineman); Key Texts in Multidimensional Scaling (1982, Heineman); and Sorting Data: Collection and Analysis (1999, Sage QASS series). He wrote 41 entries in the Concise Oxford... More About Author

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