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Sociology in Action

Sociology in Action
Cases for Critical and Sociological Thinking

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December 2000 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Sociology in Action is a highly practical introduction to interpreting and analyzing situations sociologically, which uses case studies to promote active learning of key thinking skills.
Seeing Society
Using Theory
Decoding Culture
Uncovering Inequalities and Power
Imagining Futures
The Worth of a Sparrow
Conflict at Riverside
Tossin' and Turnin'
Lucy Allman
In the Eye of the Beholder
The Case of the Minnetonka Kawn Ordinance

Off to College
What's So Scary about the Truth?
People Like You
Lisa's Hidden Identity

"That the chapters begin with a case, discuss the case, and end with another case is a most useful structure—one that assists those of us unfamiliar with the process, yet also works for those familiar with cases." 

Sally Raskoff
University of Southern California

"Using this book will help students gain competency in several areas that are central to the learning goals and outcomes of general education at the baccalaurate level: problem solving, communication, analysis and critical thinking, and perspective. Nothing could be better for introductory sociology today than this innovative text." 

Dean Dorn
California State University, Sacramento

David S Hachen., Jr

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