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Sociological Methodology

Sociological Methodology

First Edition
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Volume: 46
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November 2016 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The 2016 volume of Sociological Methodology continues a 48-year tradition of providing cutting-edge methodology for sociological research. Under the editorship of Duane F. Alwin , three features are prominent in this volume: -Innovative and practical methods for substantive social science research. -Contributions by both sociologists and nonsociologists that have important methodological implications for the social science -Dedication to publishing purely methodological work that may benefit sociology and the broader social sciences. 

Duane F. Alwin

Duane F. Alwin is Tracy Winfree and Ted H. McCourtney Professor in Sociology, Demography, and Human Development at Pennsylvania State University, where he is affiliated with the Population Research Institute, the Survey Research Center, and the Gerontology Center. Prior to moving to Penn State, Alwin held an appointment for 23 years in the Survey Research Center of the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. The focus of his research and teaching includes survey methodology, families and children, socio-economic inequalities and health disparities, aging and the life course, and the linkages between processes of individual... More About Author

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