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Society in the Digital Age

Society in the Digital Age
An Interactionist Perspective

May 2021 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In Digital Society: An Interactionist Perspective, William Housley explores the ways interactionist thinking contributes to our understanding of current trends and topics within digital sociology.

Drawing on a range of aligned approaches, concepts and empirical studies, he explores how notions of self and presentation, action and agency, practical reason and interaction are of fundamental importance to our understanding of some of the emerging contours of digital society; inclusive of big data, social media, the social life of methods, algorithmic culture, ‘artificial intelligence’ and the pivot to voice. In doing so, Housley aims to demonstrate the enduring relevance of work associated with Goffman, Garfinkel and Sacks in understanding everyday digital social life.

The book provides a range of insights into how sociology and social science continues to draw upon interactionism and aligned traditions such as ethnomethodology in making sense of the Interaction Order 2.0 and beyond.
1. Introduction: We are Still Interactionists
2. Digital Society and Disruptive Technologies
3. Digital Society and Interaction
4. Digital Society, Ethnomethodology and Social Organisation
5. Digital Society and Mundane Civic Culture-in-Action
6. Digital Society and the Pivot to Voice
7. Conclusion: Reflections and Interactionist Futures

William Housley

Professor William Housley PhD, DSc.Econ. FAcSS is an internationally recognised expert in qualitative and social research methods, sociological theory, the study of practical reason, ethnomethodology, membership categorization analysis, social interaction and digital sociology. His contribution to Sociology was confirmed through the award of a DSc Econ. by Cardiff University in 2012 for his internationally recognized work in the field of interaction, communication and social organization. He has served as an editor of Qualitative Research (SAGE) and sits on the editorial board of Big Data and Society (SAGE). Professor Housley was... More About Author

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