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Social Work

Social Work
From Assessment to Intervention

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Social Work & Social Policy

December 2018 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book equips readers with the essential knowledge and skills to undertake effective assessments and appropriate interventions with confidence. In part one the authors unpick exactly what assessment is, outline the assessment toolkit, apply this to practice and discuss the ins and outs of the development of a clear care plan. Drawing on activities, case studies and service user perspectives part two guides readers through the application of different intervention methods in varied contexts with diverse service user groups. This book focuses on key issues such as resilience, professional values and ethics, complexity and reflective practice, helping students not only get to grips with all the essential theory but also to develop to emotional and professional intelligence.
Part 1: Assessments: Making Sense and Planning to Act
Chapter 1:Definitions and principles of Assessment
Chapter 2: Social work’s evolving context: a brief history
Chapter 3: Risk and professional judgements
Chapter 4: Assessing children, young people and families
Chapter 5: Assessing adults’ needs
Chapter 6: Planning, reviews, flexibility and supervision
Part 2: Interventions: Now Let's Go and Help People
Chapter 7: Intervening as a social worker
Chapter 8: Relationships, systems and complexity
Chapter 9: Intervening during crisis
Chapter 10: Task-Centred Interventions
Chapter 11: Strengths and solution-focused interventions
Chapter 12: Working with Groups and Group Work
Summary and Final Thoughts

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Social Work - Preview

Philip Heslop

I have been a social worker since 1992 and chose social work as a profession to challenge inequality and discrimination. I have worked mainly in childcare social work, and from 1995, specifically in fostering and adoption. I have worked in statutory, voluntary and independent social work and have worked in all four countries of the UK. I developed a specialism working with male carers, as well as caring for children on the autism spectrum. Having held a wide range of practice, training, reviewing and management roles, I am also a passionate educator. I am qualified to teach adults and children, have been an NVQ assessor and am a Fellow of... More About Author

Cathryn Meredith

I qualified as a social worker in 2001, and went on to practice in a variety of mental health settings. I became an Approved Social Worker (ASW) and later an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP). I developed a specialism in working with people diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder and self-harming and suicidal behaviours. I qualified as a Best Interests Assessor (BIA), and went on to become a local authority Mental Capacity Act lead.  From 2013 until its closure, I was a College of Social Work’s accredited Expert Safeguarding Adults Practitioner. I left practice in 2013, to teach and research at... More About Author