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Social Work Theory and Practice

Social Work Theory and Practice

January 2017 | 256 pages | Learning Matters
Social Work Theory and Practice helps readers understand how theory impacts and informs social work practice across a range of contexts and different service user groups. This helpful resource begins by briefly setting the context, introducing readers to the importance of social work theory and its development over the years, before moving on to examine different types of theory across 17 tightly structured chapters. These chapters cover a range of psychological theories, sociological theories, ethics and moral philosophies, political theories and ideologies, and organizational theories.
Introduction to Social Work Theory
PART ONE – Psychological Theories
Psychoanalysis, psychodynamics and social work practice: the conflicted ‘self’
Behaviourism and the science of control
Cognitive psychology and social work
Humanistic psychology
Human growth and development
PART TWO – Sociological Theories
Social constructivism and social work
General systems and ecological theories
Feminism and Social Work
PART THREE – Ethics and Moral Philosophies
Virtue Ethics
Ethics of Care
Radical Ethics
PART FOUR – Political Theories and Ideology
Radical Social Work
Five Models of Disability
Anti-Discriminatory Practice
PART FIVE – Organisational Theories
Classical and modern management theory
Organisational culture

One of the very best books on Social Work Theory and Practice. Easy to read and a book I recommend for any frontline social worker and student of social work.

Dr Charles Batinda-Mugisha
Department of Social Work, Bucks New University
January 15, 2017

Lesley Deacon

Stephen J. Macdonald

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