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Social Research Methods

Social Research Methods
The Essentials

Second Edition

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Social Research Methods

December 2015 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Nicholas Walliman is the supervisor in your students' pockets, making sure they understand all the essential methods for successfully carrying out a research project and negotiating the challenges and pitfalls. In this book, he:

· Takes students step-by-step through the research process

· Helps them formulate clear aims and objectives

· Explains all the vocabulary to understand the A – Z of research methods

· Ends each chapter with a reading guide for taking learning further with more resources to help get a deeper understanding of the issues discussed

· Improves research reports with practical advice on presenting findings in great tables, graphs and diagrams

· Opens his office door with reflective questions (and answers)

· Delivers the confidence to get started and get finished!

 Social Research Methods: The Essentials is the perfect starting point and guide for your students' research project.

Chapter 1: Theoretical background
Chapter 2: Research basics
Chapter 3: Research strategies and design
Chapter 4: The nature of data
Chapter 5: Doing a literature review
Chapter 6: Defining the research problem
Chapter 7: Ethics
Chapter 8: Writing a research proposal
Chapter 9: Sampling
Chapter 10: Data collection methods
Chapter 11: Quantitative data analysis
Chapter 12: Qualitative data analysis
Chapter 13: Presenting Data Graphically
Chapter 14: Writing up a dissertation or research project
Chapter 15: How to get the most out of your lectures and seminars
Chapter 16: How to Get the Best out of Reading and Note Taking
Chapter 17: How to Write Great Essays

This text takes a well-balanced view of research in the social sciences and gives the reader a basic theoretical grounding and structure on which to develop their understanding of research and support their practices.  The theory and methods discussed in this edition would be of interest to a wide range of disciplines where research considers the thoughts, feelings and actions of people. 

Frances Tracy
Education Studies, Liverpool John Moores University

Useful text to accompany any research project in social work

Ms Karen Hillison
Department of Social Work, Hull University
February 26, 2016

Excellent first introduction to Social Research methods. Clearly laid out with in sections with highlights where necessary. The additional reading at the end of every chapter is valuable. May be more to add on the use of web sourced data.

Dr Ruth Stevenson
Graduate School of the Environment , Centre for Alternative Technology
June 14, 2016

A great, reasonably priced book, which covers a wide array of research method topics. Helps the reader to understand research methods and also how to structure and present a research project. Would recommend to any student who is wanting to succeed within this specific topic/module area.

Mr Andrew John Higham
Sport & Leisure, Doncaster College & University Centre
September 18, 2016

This book provides a clear overview of social research and can help students find their way through the many methods. I have recommended the library buys copies.

Dr Clare N Hindley
Language and Communication, IUBH School of Business and Management
September 13, 2016

The title does not do this book justice, as it not only covers research methods but the whole research process – from the foundations of research philosophy through writing a proposal and research questions. A well written and insightful book with clear explanations of terms and a pragmatic approach, which makes it a useful companion, which new researchers are likely to return to again and again.

Mr John Morrison
School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University
April 25, 2016

Clear, concise writing and easy to navigate. Illustrative diagrams simplify and support narrative. Additional references enables further exploration of the subject matter.

Ms Doreen Malcolm
Education, Early Years & Teaching, Bradford College
September 6, 2016

Social Research Methods is an informative text that take students through the stages of conducting a research project in an accessible and engaging manner

Dr Valerie Gant
Department of Social Work, Chester University
May 11, 2016

I found the structure of this book very helpful and would recommend it to students as a text that they can dip into. My students do an action research project so will need to read more widely on this particular approach, but I think that they would find the sections on theory and the clear explanations of terminology throughout the book very useful. I would especially suggest it to those students for whom this module is a first attempt at research.

Mrs Wendy Horrex
Learning CoOrdinator, West Suffolk College
July 8, 2016

My students used this in developing their own small scale research projects. They felt it was highly accessible and practical.

Dr Richard William Whitecross
Business School, Edinburgh Napier University
April 25, 2016

Sample Materials & Chapters

Ch 1: Theoretical Background

Nicholas Walliman

Dr Nicholas Walliman is a qualified architect and Associate Lecturer in the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University and is a former research associate in the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development. He has been engaged on a series of nationally and internationally funded research projects on aspects of building technology and has published many research papers. He has also supervised and examined numerous PhD, MPhil and Masters students. He has published a number of books on doing research and writing papers, dissertations and theses.  More About Author