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Social Psychology

Social Psychology
Foundations, Advances and Applications

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Aiming to empower you throughout your undergraduate journey, this textbook covers the entire social psychology curriculum. More importantly, it offers inspiration to help you become an adept social psychologist, ready to unravel the intricacies of human behaviour in the world around you.

This textbook helps you connect theories directly to your own experiences, world views, and behaviours. It features personal narratives from a diverse range of practising social psychologists, from academics to practitioners, offering a rich collection of real-world examples and encouraging deep thinking about your future career.

Each chapter moves through the foundations, advances and applications of the field with exercises and revision prompts to ensure success and real understanding.

Stefania Paolini is Professor of Social Psychology, Milica Vasiljevic is Associate Professor of Behavioural Science and Richard J. Crisp is Professor of Social Psychology. All are based at Durham University.

Rhiannon N. Turner is Professor of Social Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast.
Paddy Ross, Milica Vasiljevic and Stefania Paolini
Chapter 1: History and Research Methods
Kimberly Rios and Alysson E. Light
Chapter 2: Self and Identity
Jennifer Paterson
Chapter 3: Affiliation, Friendship, and Love
Smadar Cohen-Chen
Chapter 4: Social Emotions
Mario Weick
Chapter 5: Social Cognition
Christopher R. Jones and Lambros Lazuras
Chapter 6: Attitudes and Persuasion
Julie Van De Vyver and Fanny Lalot
Chapter 7: Social Influence
David Rast and Amber Gaffney
Chapter 8: Group Processes
Shelley McKeown, Amanda Williams and Shazza Ali
Chapter 9: Prejudice
Michèle Birtel
Chapter 10: Intergroup and Intercultural Relations
Milica Vasiljevic
Chapter 11: Behaviour Change

Stefania Paolini

Rhiannon N. Turner

Rhiannon Turner is Professor of Social Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast. She did her undergraduate degree at Cardiff University, her Master’s degree at the University of Kent, her doctoral research at the University of Oxford, and her postdoctoral research at the University of Birmingham. In 2007, she took up a lectureship at the University of Leeds, and she was appointed Chair at Queen’s University Belfast in 2012. The main focus of her research is intergroup relations, with a particular interest in direct and indirect forms of contact (such as extended, online, and imagined contact, and nostalgic recall of contact) as a means of... More About Author

Milica Vasiljevic

Richard J. Crisp

Richard Crisp is Professor of Social Psychology at Durham University. He read Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford and carried out his doctoral research at Cardiff University. In addition to Durham University Richard has held positions at the Universities of Birmingham, Kent and Sheffield as well as the Aston Business School. Richard’s research has covered the full range of topics that comprise social psychology, from the formation and reduction of prejudice, to the self and identity processes involved in interpersonal relations, from mere exposure and attitude formation, to stereotyping and social categorization. He has... More About Author