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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Second Edition
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June 2016 | 344 pages | SAGE Texts

The book provides an interesting insight into how the power of social media tools can be harnessed to succeed in business, non-profit organisations and any situation that involves buyers, sellers, makers and users. 

Social Media Marketing
 effectively demonstrates how social media fits into and complements the marketer’s toolbox. The book melds essential theory with practical application as it covers core skills such as strategic planning for social media applications, incorporating these into the execution of the brand’s marketing communications and harnessing social media data to yield customer insights.

This book outlines the ‘Four Zones’ of social media (namely, community, publishing, entertainment and commerce) that marketers can use as a part of their strategic planning processes to achieve their core objectives. This second edition includes new examples of industry developments and academic research to help students remain current in their marketing studies. 

Key Features
• Comprehensive, strategic, well-organised and result-oriented coverage
• Integration of latest examples and research data  available in a user-friendly layout
• Free companion website with PowerPoint slides, instructor’s manual, test bank and additional case studies


Keys to Icons
The Horizontal Revolution
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Consumers
Network Structure and Group Influence in Social Media
Social Community
Social Publishing
Social Entertainment
Social Commerce
Social Media for Consumer Insight
Social Media Metrics
Case: Bellisio Foods’ Michelina Engages Frozen Foodies- Jacqueline Rae Evans
Case: A Startup Seeks to Solve Age-Old Problem with Social App- Amanda Steeley
Case: The Gnome Experiment- Steve Shugartt
The Experience Strategy
Activation Plan
Management and Measurement


Hands down, this is the single best textbook about social media marketing out there. This radically revised and fully updated edition is even more comprehensive, strategic, organized, visual, results-oriented and inno vative than the first. If you teach or study social media marketing or digital marketing, then you need this book!

Robert V. Kozinets
Professor of Marketing and Inventor of Netnography, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

The book, Social Media Marketing, by Tuten and Solomon explains the evolution of digital marketing using the building blocks of traditional marketing and provides insights, using essential theory and examples from real world situations, on how social media can be used as a tool for strategic planning to achieve core objectives by facilitating exchanges between consumers and organization. 

The text builds on by highlighting the four channels (zones) of social media and summarizes by stating the metrics that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies. The book, in the beginning, discusses the horizontal revolution, a change which social media is bringing in the daily lives of ‘digital natives’, modern day consumers. 

From an academic viewpoint also, the book successfully integrates closely the concepts of traditional digital marketing practices with those of digital marketing that it would encourage and facilitate students, and managers apply digital marketing concepts for succeeding in their business strategies and processes. The book is well versed and neatly covers all the essential components of social media marketing that will enable students to channelize their social media marketing skills.


Vision, 10 May 2018

Tracy L. Tuten

Tracy L. Tuten is a professor of marketing and author of several books including co-author of the award-winning textbook, Social Media Marketing. Her first book, Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World, was followed by others on using social media and digital marketing for the enterprise, and the book, Advertisers at Work, which features interviews with luminaries in the field.Dr. Tuten’s publications have appeared in such journals as Journal of Marketing Communications, Psychology & Marketing, and Journal of Business Research. A two-time Fulbright Scholar, she frequently speaks around the world on marketing topics.... More About Author

Michael R. Solomon

Michael R. Solomon, Ph.D., is Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Consumer Research in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Professor Solomon’s primary research interests include consumer behavior and lifestyle issues, branding strategy, the psychology of fashion, and marketing applications of virtual worlds and other new media. His textbooks include Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being; Marketing: Real People, Real Choices; and Better Business. His most recent trade book, The Truth about What Customers Want, was... More About Author

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