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Social Inequalities

Social Inequalities

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February 2023 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Part of the New Approaches to Sociology series, Social Inequalities is a relevant and valuable exploration of how we see the world, through a decolonised lens. Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of sociology, this textbook offers a critical re-reading of traditional approaches to understanding social inequalities and responds to the call from university administrations, academics and students to decolonise the curriculum and challenge its lack of diversity.


It presents an intersectional approach to understanding diversity and social inequalities and, in so doing, allows for alternative knowledge sources and voices to be heard.


From looking at social groups such as race, age, sexuality and class alongside a nuanced evaluation of traditional sociological theories such as Marxism, functionalism and feminism  – this book is an expert guide to the debates central to understanding the challenges individuals face in society.


Including personal stories and case studies, students will be exposed to an authentic and real-world view of how individuals have encountered discrimination.


Social Inequalities is an essential resource for anyone working and studying across sociology, and anyone interested in challenging established ways of looking at the world.


Professor Anya AhmedDr Deirdre Duffy and Dr Lorna Chesterton work in the faculty of health and education at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Anya Ahmed, Lorna Chesterton and Deirdre Duffy
Chapter 1: Theories and concepts
Nicola Ingram
Chapter 2: Social class
Dyuti Chakravarty
Chapter 3: Race, Racism, and Decolonising Knowledge
Peace Kiguwa
Chapter 4: Gender
Lee Gregory
Chapter 5: Sexuality
Anya Ahmed, Lorna Chesterton and Sarah Campbell
Chapter 6: Ageing
Susie Balderston
Chapter 7: Decolonizing Disability Research and Disabling War
Deirdre Duffy
Chapter 8: Health
Anya Ahmed, Lorna Chesterton and Nafhesa Ali
Chapter 9: Unequal mobilities and global social inequalities
Steve Iafrati
Chapter 10: Neoliberalism, hegemony and government responses to social inequality in the UK
Ruby C M Chau
Chapter 11: Researching inequalities
Anya Ahmed and Lorna Chesterton
Chapter 12: Conclusion

This is a very accessible book for years introducing students to the core issues around social inequalities. The themes resonate with students' interests and encourages them to challenge their own bias.

Mrs Theresa Jane Waight
School of Law, Criminology and Government, Plymouth University
June 5, 2024

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 5- Sexuality

Anya Ahmed

Anya Ahmed is Professor of Wellbeing and Communities in the Department of Social Care and Social Work at Manchester Metropolitan University. A social scientist with over 25 years academic experience, she previously worked as a housing practitioner, trainer, and consultant. Her research focuses on the experiences of marginalised communities (with a specific focus on minoritized ethnic populations) and she has led a range of funded projects on housing and homelessness, migration, ageing and health and social care. Much of her work involves interrogation of the theoretical, conceptual, and applied nature of ‘community’ in national and... More About Author

Deirdre Duffy

Dr Deirdre Duffy (she/her) is a Reader in Critical Social Policy, Manchester Metropolitan University. She is an international expert on reproductive justice and reproductive governance, with a special interest in barriers and facilitators to abortion care. Her work has been used as an evidence-base to support expanding access to abortion in Colombia, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland. In 2022, Deirdre was appointed as lead researcher on the Irish government’s review of health care providers’ perspectives and experiences of the recently-transformed abortion care system. Prior to this Deirdre was Co-Investigator and stream lead... More About Author

Lorna Chesterton

Dr Lorna Chesterton is a Social Scientist and Researcher in the Department of Social Care and Social Work at Manchester Metropolitan University. Lorna’s work centres on social ageing and dementia with marginalised groups, exploring how people’s culture, ethnicity, beliefs and socio-economic situations impact upon their health and access to services. Her work has been grounded in a person-centred approach to research and care, valuing the contribution which individuals personal experience can make to research and future service provision. As an academic, she has been involved in research involving interprofessional learning, communities of... More About Author

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