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Social History Assessment

Social History Assessment

December 2006 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book gives an historical background to social history assessment and presents its relationship to social ecology theory and human development. It also describes what a social history assessment looks like and gives guidance on how to conduct social history assessments including the tools needed for developing a social history and information on interpreting the assessment and making meaning of the history.
Ch 1. The Significance of a Person's Social History
Ch 2. The Professional Lens, Part I
Human and Social Development and the Life Course

Ch 3. The Professional Lens, Part II
Social Ecology of Human Development and Behavior

Ch 4. Describing the Social History
Ch 5. Making Meaning: Interpreting the Social History
Ch 6. Tools to Aid Social History Development

"Her book takes us on a journey back to the basics of conducting a thorough and informative social history and is an account of what a real social history involves...I recommend this book not only for the novice but also for all clinicians who want an edge on how to accumulate more pertinent information concerning their patients and to guide their treatment."  —PSYCCRITIQUES

Leslie M. Lothstein

"...what impresses me about this text is that Andrews uses her love of social history to take a subject that is rarely celebrated and remind us of what is exciting about it." 

Jonathan B. Singer
University of Pittsburgh
Families in Society

I am using it as a supplemental text. The course I use it for deals with more than just social histories.

Professor Nancy Anderson
Social and Behavioral Sciences, Warner University
December 6, 2013

Arlene Bowers Andrews

Dr. Arlene Bowers Andrews, community psychologist and Professor of Social Work at the University of South Carolina, has extensive experience in community-based practice and research, program evaluation, and services systems for families affected by turbulence. At USC she was a founder and former director of the Institute for Families in Society, an interdisciplinary research center that conducts research to enhance families through community partnerships. More About Author

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