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Social Entrepreneurship in India

Social Entrepreneurship in India
Quarter Idealism and a Pound of Pragmatism

  • Madhukar Shukla - Chairperson, Fr Arrupe Centre for Ecology and Sustainability, and Professor (Strategic Management & OB) at XLRI Jamshedpur, India

January 2020 | 284 pages | SAGE Response
While the phrase ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ sounds oxymoronic, it certainly is not an unfamiliar concept in the Indian market and society. India is a hub of social entrepreneurship and has a long history of doing business for social causes. The business giants like Amul, Aravind Eyecare, Lijjat, Sulabh Shauchalay, etc. have been solving social problems through entrepreneurial strategies since ages. Inspired by tech giants like Uber or Paytm, aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for problems that can be solved through new business ideas. The emergence of social entrepreneurship as an identifiable sector and as a discipline/field of study has become a social phenomenon. The book starts with tracing the historical roots and the milestone which have led to the recent emergence of social entrepreneurship as a recognized sector of practice and study. Rather than fitting ‘social entrepreneurs’ in a box, it identifies the qualities and patterns of successful social entrepreneurs, both as a person and how they function. Sifting through these diverse approaches to solve social problems, it proposes five broad but distinct types of Indian social entrepreneurs. It describes how social entrepreneurs, like any other entrepreneur, identify opportunities and gaps in the ‘market’, develop innovative solutions to address those problems, and use entrepreneurial strategies to build and scale their ventures.It also discuss the key problems of access to basic social goods (e.g., education, healthcare, credit, etc.) by the poor segment of Indian society, the challenges in servicing this segment and successful entrepreneurial models which social entrepreneurs use to impact their lives. As scaling the impact is an essential requirement for the social entrepreneurs to make a difference in the society and lives of people, the book also discusses three different ways in which social entrepreneurs scale, and the prerequisites and challenges in scaling.
Foreword by Professor Muhammad Yunus
A Term in Search of a Definition
The ‘Entrepreneur’ in Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Thinking: A Method to the Madness
Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship
Quarter Idealism and a Pound of Pragmatism
Strategies for Scaling the Impact
Five Archetypes of Social Entrepreneurship
Unequal Access: ‘Markets of the Poor’
Entrepreneurial Models for Providing Access

“The book is a must-read for aspiring social entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, policymakers, and impact investors …. (it) shows that though India may be criticised for lack of technology or product innovation, there is plenty of momentum and excellence in social innovation.

YourStory, 19 March 2020

Madhukar Shukla

Dr Madhukar Shukla is Chairperson, Fr Arrupe Centre for Ecology and Sustainability and Professor (Strategic Management & OB) at XLRI Jamshedpur (India). He has a keen interest in theory and practice of social entrepreneurship. He also serves on the Board of School of Management & Labour Studies, TISS, and is a member of the Board of Governors of XLRI Jamshedpur.He was the conference coordinator of National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship during 2009–2017. He has served as a jury for the oikos Case Competition on Social Entrepreneurship, and as an assessor for the Echoing Green Fellowship Competition —a global competition to... More About Author

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