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Social Emotional Well-Being for Educators

Social Emotional Well-Being for Educators

January 2022 | 184 pages | Corwin

Learn how to take self-care off your to-do list! 

It’s been a rough couple of years for teachers and school leaders. Your ability to be resilient and concentrate on social-emotional learning has been put to the test and now you deserve relief—without the pressure of having yet one more thing piled on your plate. 

This book’s unique and compelling framework empowers you to practice self-care through thoughts and actions that are within your control, enhancing your well-being without taking on extraneous responsibilities. Features include 

  • A checklist for determining your baseline of strengths and needs
  • Self-reflection questions, journaling opportunities, and action-planning exemplars
  • A process for tracking, celebrating, and revising your own tangible objectives
  • Teaching guidance for distance or hybrid education
  • Strategies to share with your students
It’s right there in the word: well-being! It isn’t a thing to do, but a way to be. When you integrate the principles of SEL into your everyday life, you’ll be a person of joy, peace, and gratitude — and a more inspired and empowered educator.
Throwing out the Lesson Plan
Adult SEL: Just Another Educational Initiative?
A Framework for Social Emotional WellBeing
It’s a Way of BEING!

Setting the Stage:

A Tiered Continuum

Social Emotional WellBeing Check In

Conscious Connection Chart

A Deeper Dive: Relevance, Reflection, and Making it Real

Be Reflective

Be Intentional

Be Empathetic

Be Connected

Be Accountable

Be Equitable

Modeling in the Moment
Guidance for Being During Distance or Hybrid Education

Social Emotional WellBeing - Strategies for Students

A New Lesson Plan
Meet the Author and the Thought Partners

Michelle L. Trujillo

Michelle Trujillo is passionate about igniting hope in schools and the workplace! She is known to make a tangible, sustainable, and positive difference through her books, speaking and interactive workshops. Michelle shares enthusiasm, experience, and applicable take-aways with her audience. Her sincerity, enthusiasm and expertise are contagious and substantial. Named Nevada's 2016 Innovative Educator of the Year, Michelle has appeared on television (including Oprah) and radio stations across the nation as a guest expert. A life-long educator, Michelle is the author of Start With the Heart: Igniting Hope in Schools through Social... More About Author

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