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Social Development

Social Development

October 1994 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Social development is examined from the dual perspectives of social and developmental psychology in this volume, which offers a multi-level review of the common boundaries between the two subdisciplines.

The contributors synthesize research not only from psychology but from other fields such as education, family studies and social work. In so doing, they raise cross-disciplinary questions for the benefit of investigators who are often unaware of work and ideas outside their own specializations. They further show how the different methods used by developmental and social psychologists present unique possibilities for exploring questions of mutual interest.

Nancy Eisenberg
Roberta Corrigan
How Infants and Young Children Understand the Causes of Events
Rachel Karniol
Developmental and Individual Differences in Predicting Others' Thoughts and Feelings
Applying the Transformation Rule Model

Joan E Grusec and Norma Mammone
Features and Sources of Parents' Attributions about Themselves and Their Children
Lee Jussim and Jacquelynne Eccles
Naturally Occurring Interpersonal Expectancies
Diane N Ruble and Carol S Dweck
Self-Conceptions, Person Conceptions and Their Development
Nancy G Guerra, L Rowell Huesmann and Laura Hanish
The Role of Normative Beliefs in Children's Social Behavior
Daphne Blunt Bugental, Eta K Lin and Joshua E Susskind
Influences of Affect on Cognitive Processes at Different Ages
Why the Change?

Lisa J Bridges and Wendy S Grolnick
The Development of Emotional Self-Regulation in Infancy and Early Childhood
Stephanie A Shields
The Role of Emotion Beliefs and Values in Gender Development
William G Graziano and Stefanie B Waschull
Social Development and Self-Monitoring
William J Froming et al
A Control Theory Approach to Social Development

Nancy Eisenberg

Social Development, Arizona State University. More About Author

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