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Social Context and Relationships

Social Context and Relationships

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August 1993 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume explores the impact of social, cultural, structural, network and dynamic transactional processes on the conduct of relationships. In so doing, it makes a compelling case for research to be directed away from over-application of individual perspectives and towards inclusion of contextual factors.

Confronting the practical realities against which individuals may struggle to manage relationships, contributors focus on such issues as: limits on opportunity and freedom; coercive family norms; responsibilities; poverty; and prejudice.

Graham Allan
Social Structure and Relationships
Julia T Wood
Engendered Relations
Interaction, Caring, Power and Responsibility in Intimacy

Renate Klein and Robert M Milardo
Third-Party Influences on the Management of Personal Relationships
Catherine H Stein
Felt Obligation in Adult Family Relationships
Niall Bolger and Shannon Kelleher
Daily Life in Relationships
Carol M Werner et al
Celebrations in Personal Relationships
A Transactional/Dialectical Perspective

Leslie A Baxter
The Social Side of Personal Relationships
A Dialectical Perspective


Steve Duck

Steve Duck taught in the United Kingdom before taking up the Daniel and Amy Starch Distinguished Research Chair in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Iowa. He has been a professor of communication studies, an adjunct professor of psychology, and a former Dean’s Administrative Fellow and is now Chair of the Rhetoric Department. He has taught interpersonal communication courses, mostly on relationships but also on nonverbal communication, communication in everyday life, construction of identity, communication theory, organizational leadership, and procedures and practices for leaders. More recently, he has taught... More About Author

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