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Social Construction in Context

Social Construction in Context

First Edition

April 2001 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This latest book by one the world's leading protagonists in the field will be welcomed not just by psychologists but by students, academics and professionals interested in social constructionism across a wide range of subjects. Social Construction in Context explores the potentials of social constructionist theory when placed in diverse intellectual and practical contexts. It demonstrates the achievements of social constructionism, and what it can now offer various fields of inquiry, both academic, professional and applied, given the proliferation of the theory across the social sciences and humanities. First order issues of concern within the academic world, objectivity, truth, power and ideology, are now being augmented by widespread developments in practice - therapeutic, pedagogical, organizational and political. This book looks closely at these developments and examines both the positive potentials and limitations of social constructionist theory when applied to a variety of domains. It has been written in an accessible and scholarly manner making it suitable for a wide-ranging readership. This book should be of great value to all students and academics interested in social constructionist theory. Particularly, within the fields of psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, communication, cultural studies, and the human sciences. It should also appeal to those the helping professions (i.e. therapists, counselors and social workers).
Constructionism and Realism
A Necessary Collision?

The Place of the Psyche in a Constructed World
The Limits of Pure Critique
Who Speaks and Who Responds in the Human Sciences?
History and Psychology
Conflict and Communion

Therapy as Social Construction
Social Construction with Pedagogical Practice
Power in a Relational Frame
The Ethical Challenge of Global Organization
Organizational Science in a Postmodern Context
From Identity to Relational Politics
Technology, Self and the Moral Project

Kenneth Gergen

Kenneth J. Gergen is a Senior Research Professor in Psychology at Swarthmore College, and the President of the Taos Institute. He is internationally known for his contributions to social constructionist theory, technology and cultural change, the self, aging, education, and relational theory and practices. His major writings include, Realities and Relationships: Soundings in Social Construction, The Saturated Self: Dilemmas of Identity in Contemporary Life, and Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community. His most recent work Beyond the Tyranny of Testing: Relational Evaluation in Education (with Scherto Gill) offers a relational... More About Author

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