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Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health

Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health

Second Edition

January 2009 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book is intended as a core textbook for courses in public health that examines current issues in health from a social and behavioral science perspective. It is a cross-disciplinary course (public health, medical sociology, health psychology, medical anthropology) and thus there are many ways to teach the course based on a particular instructor's perspective. The authors wrote the book because they were dissatisfied with the way other texts apply social science to public health and found that many texts being used were from related fields such as medicine, nursing or general health.The authors are planning to do a major revision based on reviews they have collected and the reviews we have collected. We believe the revised edition will essentially be a new text based on rich feedback. They will include new theory, new cases, new research, and a rich ancillary package. They will also reduce the frameworks presented to make the book more readable to students.
Jeannine Coreil
1. Why Study Social and Behavioral Factors in Health?
Jeannine Coreil
2. Historical Perspectives on Population and Disease
Jeannine Coreil
3. Social Epidemiology
Jeannine Coreil
4. Behavioral and Social Science Theory
Jeannine Coreil
5. Health and Illness Behavior
Jeannine Coreil
6. The Social Environment and Health
Jeannine Coreil
7. Social Reactions to Disease
Jeannine Coreil
8. Comparative Health Cultures
Jeannine Coreil
9. Health Disparities, Diversity, and Cultural Competence
Wendy L. Hellerstedt
10. Reproductive Health
Mimi Nichter
11. Adolescent Health
Carson Henderson, Neil Henderson
12. Aging and Public Health
Eric Buhi, Rita DeBate, Robert McDermott
13. Planning Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs
Carol Bryant
14. Community-Based Approaches to Health Promotion
Carol Bryant
15. Social Marketing in Public Health
Linda Whiteford
16. Approaches to Policy and Advocacy
Rita DeBate, Carol Bryant, Marissa Zwald
17. Childhood Overweight & Obesity
Stephanie L. Marhefka
18. Mental Health and Illness
Karen Liller
19. Prevention of Unintentional Injuries
Martha Coulter
20. Violence and Public Health
Paul Spector, Chu-Hsiang Chang
21. Occupational Health
Jeannine Coreil
22. Afterword: New Directions


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A student study site includes:
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  • Online resources
  • Key concepts glossary and index
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  • Helps pre reg BSc nursing students understand the social and behavioural foundations of public Health.

    Miss Carmel Anne Quigley
    School of Nursing (Jordanstown), Ulster University
    November 27, 2020

    An excellent book containing all of the information I required to teach this subject. I am sure that I will refer to this book on a regular basis.

    Mrs Deborah Tatton
    Social Work , Newcastle-under-Lyme College
    June 21, 2016

    This is an excellent book and introduces a number of subject areas essential to my students reading. This would be essential if the focus gave examples outside of America more regularly as the information is not always generalisable into UK population. It would be useful to have a UK edition.

    Mrs Maxine Davis
    Health , South Devon College
    January 29, 2016

    Best fit for the type of course content coverage. Readability and use of great examples/case studies.

    Dr Rebecca Heick
    MCPHS Online, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy / Health Science
    September 16, 2013

    Largely, explores topic areas from a North American viewpoint and therefore, not entirely relevant to the situation in the UK.

    Mr Jim Sumpter
    Department of Health & Human Sciences, Essex University
    July 2, 2012

    Some chapters do apply and will be assigned as recommended readings, but too few chapters directly apply to our course to ask students to purchase the book. I have asked our library to purchase a few copies so the students can consult when needed.

    Dr Tania Arana
    Medical Education, Texas Technology University Health Science - El Paso
    October 21, 2011

    This is an interesting and unusual text for students of public health. I feel that it is more relevant to students taking health subjects rather than a multi-disciplinary Early Childhood program, but is it has some useful chapters which I use in teaching. We have ordered a copy for the library.

    Mrs Debbie Steele
    Early Childhood, Newman College
    May 28, 2011

    This is a great book for a graduate course in behavioral and social factors in public health.

    Professor Chia-Ching Chen
    Behavioral Sciences & Community Health, New York Medical College
    September 23, 2010

    I will be using it as one of the texts fro the PhD level course "Population Health and Policy"
    Excellent approach to public health. Very much needed!!!

    Silvia Rabionet
    Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University
    April 21, 2010

    Marie Jeannine Coreil

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