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Smart Teaching

Smart Teaching
A Guide for Trainee Teachers

March 2022 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Whether you are training to teach in primary or secondary schools, or stepping into the classroom as a qualified teacher, this book is your smart guide to informed classroom practice.

It offers guidance on developing essential teaching skills, drawn from robust research findings and real-life examples, with reference to the Core Content Framework throughout. Each chapter offers strategies for success that are quickly applicable and can save time as you enhance and improve your teaching practice.

Key topics include:

·        Establishing positive behaviour in your classroom

·        Structuring effective lessons for rapid learning

·        Adapting your teaching to meet individual needs

·        Using assessment to fine tune your teaching and enhance the learning

·        What to expect after your teacher training

Julian White is Programme lead for the PGCE Secondary in Secondary English at Bradford College.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Training to teach
Chapter 3: Learning
Chapter 4: Objective-led planning
Chapter 5: Obstacles to learning
Chapter 6: Adaptive teaching
Chapter 7: Assessment
Chapter 8: Classroom management
Chapter 9: Support structures
Chapter 10: Professional development
Chapter 11: Conclusion

It turns out, this book is more appropriate for teachers that have already been teaching (not undergraduate ones, which is what I needed). However, it is a very interesting book.

Alexandre Mesquita
Education, Universite de Sherbrooke
February 14, 2023

Julian White

Julian White is Programme lead for the PGCE in Secondary English at Bradford College. He began teaching in 1996 and has worked in the midlands, London, the South East and Yorkshire. Starting as teaching assistant, he taught drama, music and English for many years and worked as a senior leader in 3 schools, specialising in both student support and curriculum leadership. He is particularly interested in the role of knowledge in the curriculum and the impact of this upon assessment practice. He has also spent many years working to understand and mitigate for the impact of disadvantage, as a teacher, advisor and more latterly, as a... More About Author

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