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Small-Scale Research

Small-Scale Research
Pragmatic Inquiry in Social Science and the Caring Professions

First Edition

224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The author takes the student through the whole of the research process including anticipating common mistakes and `times of trouble' and offering advice on how to make things easier on yourself. The methods work is sound and the methodology is put across very well and nicely integrated with the `thinking out' of the research … Rigorous, accessible, upbeat - I would expect this to become a widely used resource for students and lone researchers at all levels' - Roger Sapsford, School of Social Sciences, University of Teeside

Timely, assured and written with the needs of students uppermost, Small-Scale Research is a direct, comprehensive guide for students doing theses, dissertations, papers and projects. It systematically works through the central methods of inquiry and demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. The advice on when and how to use small-scale methods is pragmatic, recognizing that small-scale researchers are usually short on time and resources. Yet behind this pragmatism is the principle that research is, above all, about thinking. Whatever needs to be done in a research project has to be for the purpose of providing research audiences with the best possible answers, in the circumstances, to the research questions. The book argues that it is not enough to apply research methods. Sense-making and claims-making are central to good research practice.

Starting with Writing
Research as Claimsmaking
Face-to-Face Inquiry Methods
Research at a Distance
Research Design
Bringing It All Together

Doing It
Writing, Disseminating and Influencing

Helpful as supplemental reading

Dr Elaine Cox
Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University
February 13, 2015

A good book for our student health visitors as they engage in a literature review.

Mrs Penny Farrelly
Faculty of Society and Health, Bucks New University
May 8, 2013

Whilst this book focuses on the Caring professions it provides useful and relevant information for any student undertaking small scale research. The examples provide can be transferred to most social science reports.

Mrs Anita McGowan
Humanities , Croydon College
July 12, 2012

A useful additional book at L2 to introduce students into social researchl L3 styudents can use if for critiquing research in the areas covered

ALLIED HEALTH, Canterbury Christ Church University
November 15, 2010

Peter T Knight

Dr. Peter T. Knight has worked. in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University, UK, since 1990. He was previously the Head of the Department of History at St. Martin's College of Higher Education, Lancaster, UK. More About Author

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