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Small Firms

Small Firms
Recession and Recovery

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256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Small Firms: Recession and Recovery contains some of the key research findings from at the 15th National Small Firms' Policy and Research Conference in 1992.

During the recession, between one quarter and one third of SMEs have continued to grow. Meanwhile increases in technology and productivity make it unlikely that major corporations will become a source of new employment for the foreseeable future. As a result, SMEs continue to be of particular interest to those interested in the economic and social well-being of society.

The chapters in this book are thoughtful analyses of the role and position of SMEs in the UK and will appeal to all those involved in the formulation and delivery of small business policy at both a national and a regional level.

F. Chittenden and M. Robertson
Small Firms: Public Policy Issues in Recession and Recovery
D. Storey
Should We Abandon Support to Start-Up Businesses?
N. Meager
From Unemployment to Self-Employment in the European Community
J. Stanworth, D. Purdy, N. Zafiris, P. Wilson, A. Woods and D. Kirby
Small Firms in Recession in Britain
Robson and J.Kerr
Regional Variations in the Population of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Britain C. Gallagher, G.
J. Curran and R.A. Blackburn
Local Economies and Small Firms
A View from the Ground

S. Lloyd-Smith, K. Dickson and A. Woods
The Industrial Divide in Services: Technological Innovation, Co-operation and Competition in Small Employment, Design, Plant Hire Firms and Garages
D. Jones-Evans and D. A. Kirby
Technical Entrepreneurs in the Service Sector
The Growth of Small Technical Consultancies in the United Kingdom

C. Gray
Stages of Growth and Entrepreneurial Career Motivation
M. Ram and R. Holliday
"Keeping it in the Family": Small Firms and Familial Culture
M.R Binks and P.A Vale
Gambling on Entrepreneurship
D. Deakins and G. Hussain
Overcoming the Adverse Selection Problem
Evidence and Policy Implications from a Study of Bank Managers on the Importance of Different Criteria Used in Making a Lending Decision

R. Cressy
Overdraft Lending and Business Starts
An Empirical Investigation on UK Data

F. Chittenden, A. Kennon and S. Mahindru
Payment Periods and Cash-Flow in the UK, Germany and France
D. Smallbone, D. North and R. Leigh
Support for Mature SMEs: Developing a Policy Agenda
Issues in Supporting Enterprise and Training in Asian SMEs
A Case Study from the Inner City


“This well-produced book will be useful to those who need to keep up to date on small business research, and will be essential for libraries with any pretensions to comprehensive coverage of

this subject' - Small Business Perspective

Francis C Chittenden

Martyn R Robertson

David Watkins