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Small Business and Industry

Small Business and Industry
A Handbook for Entrepreneurs

First Edition
  • J C Verma - Indian Institute of Merchant Banking, New Delhi
  • Gurpal Singh - Confederation of Indian Industry, New Delhi

March 2002 | 320 pages | SAGE Response
Divided into two parts, this highly readerable book teaches the aspiring entrepreneur how to successfully start, manage and run a small business/industry in India

Part one discusses the qualities and characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, training and skills development, ownership patterns of business and industry, management of human resources and common problems faced by entrepreneurs.

Part two offers case studies of other small businesses/industries in key countries like Japan, Tawain, Italy, and the UK and USA.

Forms of Ownership
Starting a Small Business
Organizing a Small Business
Needs for Funds
Sources of Funds
Human Resource Management
Keeping It Going
Small Industry in Key Countries
Implication of WTO on SMEs
Case Studies in Specific Sectors
2000 and Beyond
The Future of Small Industry


J C Verma

Gurpal Singh

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ISBN: 9780761996095