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Slippery Eugenics

Slippery Eugenics
An Introduction to the Critical Studies of Race, Gender and Coloniality

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120 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Chapter 1: Introducing Critical Eugenic Studies
Chapter 2: Eugenics as a Colonial Tool
Chapter 3: An Unnatural Selection
Chapter 4: The Impact of Eugenics
Chapter 5: From Eugenics to Population Control
Chapter 6: Understanding Eugenics in the Neoliberal Era
Chapter 7: Genes, Gender, Race and Moral Panics
Chapter 8: The Eugenic Construction of “Natural Disasters” and Global Pandemics

R. Sánchez-Rivera

Dr R. Sánchez-Rivera is a Research Fellow in the Study of Race and Anti-Racism in Gonville & Caius College and an Affiliate Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. In 2020, they were an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology at Cambridge after they completed their Ph.D. in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge. Their areas of expertise are in the sociology of health and illness and historical sociology with a focus on scientific racism, critical eugenics studies, and reproductive justice in the Americas. More About Author