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Single Parent Families

Single Parent Families

  • Kris Kissman - Anthropology, University of Michigan, Emeritus
  • Jo Ann Allen - Anthropology, University of Michigan, Emeritus

Volume: 24
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Marriage & Family

160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A host of misconceptions about single parenting are explored in this volume. Topics examined include the interface between the family and the external environment, transitional stages in the life of the family and support from the extended family. Attention is also paid to special categories of families: families of ethnic minorities, father-headed families, adolescent parents and non-custodial parenting.
Gender-Sensitive Practice with Single Parent Families
Transitional Stages and the Family Life-Cycle
Conversations and Consultations with Single Mothers and Their Families
Mother-Headed Families and the External Environment
Support from Family and Partners
Extra-Familial Support
The Ethnic Families
Adolescent Parents
Single Father-Headed Families
Non-Custodial Parenting
Policy Perspectives

Kris Kissman

Jo Ann Allen