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Simone Weil

Simone Weil
On Politics, Religion and Society

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Women's Studies

March 1998 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Long before postmodern or deconstructionist ideas became current, Simone Weil was concerned with recognizing the absence of consistency and the continual presence of reversals and contradictions in life. She was someone for whom the task of clarifying her perceptions of reality and meaning was an ongoing one. She challenged contemporary views on such complex issues as human nature, good and evil, divinity and truth. Weil's work offers a voice for those segments of society that are generally under-represented, misrepresented or totally silent in conventional historical and philosophical writings.

In this introduction to Simone Weil's ideas, and the political and intellectual circumstances of her work, the authors make Weil's complex and at times elusive ideas accessible to readers. They delineate how her ideas evolved, and provide compelling excerpts from her writings to let her speak for herself. In addition, the authors provide their own interpretation of Weil's work.

Liz Stanley
Science and Knowledge
The Perceiving Self  
The Individual and the Collective
Distortion of Self  
The Method of Attention
Construction of Self  
Balancing Equality and Freedom
Labor and Politics  
Aggression and Oppression
Suffering Selves  
Evil and Good
A Move toward God  
The Mystical Moment
An Affirmation of God  
Denial of Self  

`This is a comprehensive and densely informative publication on the works of Simone Weil.' - Journal of Peace Research

`Frost and Bell-Metereau offer a compelling, multi-textured, and "attentive" consideration of many complex questions.' - Association for Integrative Studies Newsletter

`Frost and Bell-Metereau have created an objective and valuable source for organising and explaining the work of Simon Weil' -Psychology of Women Section

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