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Signposts for Educational Research CD-ROM 20 pack

Signposts for Educational Research CD-ROM 20 pack
A Multimedia Resource for the Beginning Researcher

SAGE Publications Ltd
Signposts for Educational Research CD-ROM is an indispensable resource for those embarking on research in education and related fields. By using a compelling metaphor of the researcher as traveller, the beginning researcher can navigate the way through the journey that is their research project.

Users can choose to investigate all the resources and possible routes, which are available, or follow a particular path. They are aided by an `expert' narrator who raises critical issues along the journey explaining the methods and approaches of a particular research strategy.

User specification requirements

Pentium PC(150Mhz recommended)\ Windows 95 or above\16 Mbytes memory minimum\Colour SVGA\8 speed CD-ROM Drive\Sound Card\800 x 600 screen resolution.

Elizabeth Barrett

Vic E Lally

Sean Purcell

Robert Thresh