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Sharing Social Science Data

Sharing Social Science Data
Advantages and Challenges

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Volume: 128

February 1991 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book represents the major accomplishments of social scientists who have pioneered in data sharing, highlighting the advantages for social science. It includes an examination of the reasons for data sharing, the specific sharing practices in various disciplines, the factors affecting the usefulness of shared data and individual and institutional concerns about data sharing. It will be useful to academics across the social sciences.
Joan E Sieber
Sharing Social Science Data

V Jeffery Evans
Sharing Data in the Population Sciences
Domestic and International Trends

Douglas White
Sharing Anthropological Data with Peers and Third World Hosts
Robert F Boruch, Albert Reiss, Joel Garner and Kinley Larntz
Sharing Confidential and Sensitive Data in Criminal and Civil Justice Research
Martin David
The Science of Data Sharing

Josephina J Card and James L Peterson
Establishing and Operating a Social Science Data Archive
Joan E Sieber and Bruce E Trumbo
Use of Shared Data Sets in Teaching Statistics and Methodology
Joan E Sieber
Social Scientists' Concerns About Sharing Data
Vivian Weil and Rachelle Hollander
Normative Issues in Data Sharing

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Joan E. Sieber

Joan E. Sieber, a psychologist and Professor Emerita, California State University, East Bay, has specialized in empirical research on questions of scientific ethics, culturally sensitive methods of research and intervention, data sharing methodology, and scholarship on ethical problem solving. In 2001-2002, she was Acting Director of the National Science Foundation program Societal Dimensions of Engineering, Science and Technology. She is the author of eight books and numerous other publications including software and encyclopedia entries on ethical problem solving in social and behavioral research. More About Author

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