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Sexuality in the Time of AIDS

Sexuality in the Time of AIDS
Contemporary Perspectives from Communities in India

First Edition
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May 2004 | 431 pages | SAGE India
This volume presents and reviews a wide range of recent research on sexuality and sexual behaviours in India to better understand the patterns of risk among different sections of the Indian populace.

Participants in India's HIV/AIDS campaign now recognize that the epidemic has great complexities which have to be understood in its entirety in order to combat it.

The book contains three main components: an overview describing the HIV epidemic in India and the public and the non-governmental approaches; perspectives from communities and population sectors on premarital, marital and extra marital sexuality and the risk of transmission; and the lessons learnt in terms of research methodology and the development of new approaches to HIV/AIDS.

Ravi Verma et al
The Time of AIDS in India

Jayashree Ramakrishna et al
Sexual Behaviours of Street Boys and Male Sex Workers in Bangalore
Geeta Sodhi et al
Traditional Protection for Adolescent Girls and Sexual Risk
Results of Research and Intervention from an Urban Community in New Delhi

Anupa Mehta et al
Public Social Reputation vs Private Sexual Risk for Young Women in a Rural Area in Gujarat
Hemant Apte
College Men, Sexual Knowledge and Pornography in Pune
Shubhada Maitra and Stephen L Schensul
The Evolution of Marital Relationships and Sexual Risk in an Urban Slum Community in Mumbai
Ravi K Verma and Hemkhothang Lhungdim
Sexuality and Sexual Behaviours in Rural India
Evidence from a Five State Study

Susmita Bhattacharya
Brothels and Brothel Clients in Pune City
Vinay Kulkarni et al
Men Who Have Sex with Men
A Study in Urban Western Maharashtra

Aruna Lakhani et al
Married Women in Extramarital Relationships in a Rural Area of Gujarat
Ravi K Verma and Stephen L Schensul
Male Sexual Health Problems in Mumbai
Cultural Constructs that Present Opportunities for HIV/AIDS Risk Education

Archana Joshi et al
Non-Marital Sex and Sexual Health Problems in Rural Gujarat
Martine Collumbien and Braj Das
Sexual Risk Behaviour and Condom Use in Orissa
Sudha Sivaram et al
Telling Stories
Narrative Scenarios to Assess Sexual Norms for a HIV Prevention Study in Chennai, India

Ravi K Verma et al
Variations in Sexual Behaviour in the Time of AIDS
Ravi K Verma et al
Multi-method Approaches to Research on Sexuality in the Time of AIDS
Jayashree Ramakrishna et al
Guidelines for Policy-Making and Interventions in the Time of AIDS

Ravi K Verma

Pertti J. Pelto, PhD

Stephen L Schensul

Archana Joshi

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