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Sexual Victimization

Sexual Victimization
Then and Now

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Sex Crimes | Sex Offenders | Victimology

March 2014 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Sexual Victimization: Then and Now provides scholars easy access to information that specifically examines the continuum of sex crimes and the perception of victims by our criminal justice system and society as a whole. This text features contributions from well-known researchers in the field and serves as an important resource to provide scholars with up-to-date research on sexual victimization that will educate students on this complex and evolving challenge for the criminal justice system. The authors approach the concept by examining how the criminal justice system handles sexual victimization, the association between individuals in a relationship and sexual assault, and unusual and special issues associated with contemporary sexual victimization. By discussing these issues, the theoretical explanations for these crimes and the effectiveness of the policy that has been applied will effectively link the criminological areas of theory, research, and policy.
Amanda Burgess-Proctor and Christopher G. Urban
Chapter 1. State Variations on Definition of Sexual Assault
Lane Kirkland Gillespie and Laura King
Chapter 2. Legislative Origins, Reforms, and Future Directions
Shelly Clevenger
Chapter 3. Criminal Justice System Treatment Approaches for Sexual Assault Victims
Tammatha L. Clodfelter
Chapter 4. Sexual Harassment
Tara N. Richards and Lauren Restivo
Chapter 5. Sexual Victimization Among Intimates
Leah E. Daigle, Sadie Mummert, Bonnie S. Fisher, and Heidi L. Scherer
Chapter 6. Sexual Victimization on College Campuses
Sarah Koon-Magnin
Chapter 7. The Fine Line Between Statutory Rape and Consensual Relationships
Kelsey Becker and Catherine D. Marcum
Chapter 8. Sexual Victimization Online
Tammy Garland and Christina Policastro
Chapter 9. Victimization of the Vulnerable
Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz
Chapter 10. Same-Sex Victimization and the LGBTQ Community
Jamie A. Snyder and Heidi L. Scherer
Chapter 11. Sexual Victimization in the U.S. Military
Joan A. Reid
Chapter 12. Sexual Victimization and the Disputed Victim
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"In these articles, authors chronicle the advances that have been made in their area of coverage. In addition, they map out matters that remain in need of further consideration."


Russ Immarigeon
CRI Publications/ The ICCA Journal

I found this text to be too Americanised to be applicable to my students' practice in the UK

Mrs Ruth Parkes
School of Social Work, University of Central Lancashire
February 11, 2015

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Tara N. Richards

Tara N. Richards is an associate professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Baltimore. Her primary areas of research include intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and the role of gender in criminal justice system processes. Her scholarly work has appeared in journals such as Child Abuse and Neglect, Crime and Delinquency, and Law and Human Behavior, and she is the co-editor of the book, Sexual Victimization: Then and Now.  More About Author

Catherine D. Marcum

Catherine D. Marcum is the chair of the Department of Government and Justice Studies at Appalachian State University, as well as a professor of justice studies. She has over 60 peer-reviewed publications and multiple books in the field of correctional issues, cybercrime, sexual victimization, juvenile offending, and victimization. More About Author

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