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Sensation and Perception

Sensation and Perception

Second Edition
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Cognitive Psychology | Memory | Perception

April 2022 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Is the human eye like a camera? What makes your ears ‘pop’ on a plane? Why did women in the Middle Ages put belladonna into their eyes?

This fully updated 2nd edition of Sensation and Perception is an accessible introduction to the field of perception. It covers in detail the perceptual processes related to vision and hearing, taste and smell, touch and pain, as well as the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. From seeing in colour to pathologies of perception, and from recognising faces to research methods, this textbook is essential reading for any student of perception.

New material includes:

·       ‘Applications’ features connect key content to real-life contexts

·       Thinking Critically feature pushes students beyond the basics

·       End-of-chapter essay questions

·       An entirely new chapter on Action & Perception

John Harris is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Reading
Jared Smith
 is Senior Research Fellow at the Population Health Research Institute of St George’s, University of London

PART I: Foundations and Investigative Techniques
Chapter 1: The Nature of Perception, and Some Ways of Investigating It
Chapter 2: Research Methods in Perception
PART II: Visual and Auditory Perception
Chapter 3: Mechanisms of Early and Middle Visual Processing
Chapter 4: Seeing in Colour
Chapter 5: Seeing Pattern and Motion
Chapter 6: Hearing
PART III: The Chemical Senses and Somatosensory Perception
Chapter 7: Taste and Smell
Chapter 8: Touch and Pain
Chapter 9: Vestibular and Proprioceptive Systems
PART IV: Perceiving the World Around Us
Chapter 10: Visual and Auditory Localisation
Chapter 11: Perception and Action
Chapter 12: Eye Movements and Perception of Natural Scenes
Chapter 13: Recognising Faces
Chapter 14: Attention and Awareness
PART V: Changes in Perception
Chapter 15: Changes in Perception Through the Life-span
Chapter 16: Pathologies of Perception

Wow, what an insight to how we work, take in information, process it and learn! I am still to finish the read but dip in and grab a bit often such a well put together tome! Already using and recommending it to our learners.

Mr Donald Moyse
Command Training, Sussex Police
June 8, 2022

John Harris

John Harris is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Reading, where he has taught about perception for over twenty years. Previously, he worked at the National Physical Laboratory, and later at the University of Bristol, in the Departments of Anatomy and  Psychology. He has published more than 70 articles and book chapters on aspects of visual perception and its abnormalities. He has been associated for many years with the international journal Perception, first as an Associate Editor and later as a member of the Editorial Board. More About Author

Jared Smith

Dr Jared Smith is a research fellow in mental health at St George's.His major areas of interest are health science, behavioural medicine, and neuropsychology. Specifically, Dr Smith investigates cognitive, learning, and behavioural processes in people with clinical and/or neurological disorders, and the extent to which these processes impact on daily function and are affected by treatments including psychological-based interventions. More generally, he is interested in research involving clinical and neurological rehabilitation, especially in regard to providing evidence-based healthcare for these populations in the form of effective... More About Author

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