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The Definitive Guide to Personal Excellence

June 2016 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Before learning to lead others, students need to first be able to lead themselves effectively. Self-Leadership is a research-grounded, practice-based, realistic, and inclusive approach to self-motivation and self-influence. It teaches students to lead themselves by equipping them with strategies and tips for developing their own personal effectiveness and excellence.


Key Features

  • Examines the behavioural, emotional, and cognitive aspects of self-leadership, providing students with a holistic understanding of self-motivation and self-leadership
  • Balances theory and practice to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate challenging circumstances, uncertainty, and ambiguity
  • Promotes active learning and engagement by encouraging reflection and creativity in order to help students think and behave as self-leaders.   
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Self-Leadership
Sources of Leadership  
We All Lead Ourselves  
Chapter 2: The Context of Self-Leadership
Self-Leadership Conceptual Foundations  
External Factors  
Personal Factors  
We Do Choose  
Chapter 3: Behavior-Focused Strategies
World-Altering Behavior-Focused Strategies  
Self-Imposed Behavior-Focused Strategies  
Chapter 4: Natural Reward Focused Strategies
Natural Rewards  
What Makes Activities Naturally Rewarding?  
Tapping the Power of Natural Rewards  
Combining External and Natural Rewards  
Chapter 5: Constructive Thought-Focused Strategies
Our Psychological Worlds  
Is There Power in Positive Thinking?  
Evaluating Beliefs and Assumptions  
Mental Practice  
Thought Patterns  
Opportunity or Obstacle Thinking  
The Power of Failure  
Chapter 6: Team Self-Leadership
Self-Leadership and Teams  
Behavioral Aspects of Team Self-Leadership  
Mental Aspects of Team Self-Leadership  
Team Self-Leadership Still Means Individual Self-Leadership  
Balancing the “Me” With the “We”  
Groupthink vs. Teamthink  
Chapter 7: Self-Leadership, Health and Well-Being
Self-Leadership and Fitness  
What Executives Say About the Importance of Fitness  
The Impact of Fitness on Job Performance  
Executive Fitness Behaviors at a Glance  
Exercise and Diet: The Keys to Fitness  
Self-Leadership, Fitness, and Personal Effectiveness  
Choosing How You Feel: Emotional Self-Leadership  
Emotional Intelligence and Self-Leadership  
Coping With Stress: Self-Leadership and Stress Management  
Optimism and Self-Leadership  
Happiness, Flow, and Self-Leadership  
Chapter 8: Individual Differences, Diversity, and Practical Applications
Personality and Self-Leadership  
Diversity and Self-Leadership  
Self-Leadership Applied to Personal Problems  
Applications in Athletics  
Applications in Work/Organizational Situations  
Chapter 9: Reaching the Destination
The Tale in Perspective  
Personal Effectiveness  
Some Additional Thoughts  


Instructor Resource Site

Password-protected Instructor Resources include the following:

  • A Microsoft® Word® test bank is available containing multiple choice, true/false, and essay questions for each chapter. The test bank provides you with a diverse range of pre-written options as well as the opportunity for editing any question and/or inserting your own personalized questions to effectively assess students’ progress and understanding.
  • Editable, chapter-specific Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides offer you complete flexibility in easily creating a multimedia presentation for your course.
  • Case notes include summary, analysis, and answers to case questions, providing an essential reference and teaching tool.
  • Carefully selected, web-based video links feature relevant interviews, lectures, personal stories, inquiries, and other content for use in independent or classroom-based explorations of key topics.
Student Study Site

The open-access Student Study Site includes the following:

  • Carefully selected, web-based video links feature relevant interviews, lectures, personal stories, inquiries, and other content for use in independent or classroom-based explorations of key topics.

Sample Materials & Chapters

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Christopher P. Neck

Dr. Christopher P. Neck is currently an Associate Professor of Management at Arizona State University, where he held the title “University Master Teacher.” From 1994 to 2009, he was part of the Pamplin College of Business faculty at Virginia Tech. He received his PhD in Management from Arizona State University and his MBA from Louisiana State University. Neck is author of the books Self-Leadership: The Definitive Guide to Personal Excellence (2016, Sage); Fit To Lead: The Proven 8-week Solution for Shaping Up Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Career (2004, St. Martin’s Press; 2012, Carpenter’s Sons Publishing); Mastering Self-Leadership:... More About Author

Charles C. Manz

Charles C. Manz, Ph.D. is a speaker, consultant, and bestselling author of over 200 articles and scholarly papers and more than 20 books including Mastering Self-Leadership, 6th ed.; The New SuperLeadership; Share, Don’t Take the Lead; The Power of Failure; Fit to Lead; Business Without Bosses; The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus, 3rd ed.; Foreword Magazine best book-of-the-year Gold Award winner Emotional Discipline; Stybel-Peabody National Book prize winning SuperLeadership, and the forthcoming Self-Leadership: The Definitive Guide to Personal Excellence. His work has been featured on radio and television and in The Wall Street Journal,... More About Author

Jeffery Delmas Houghton

Dr. Jeffery D. Houghton completed his PhD in management at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and is currently an associate professor of management at West Virginia University (WVU). Dr. Houghton has taught college-level business courses at Virginia Tech, Abilene Christian University (Texas), Lipscomb University (Tennessee), The International University (Vienna, Austria), and for the US Justice Department-Federal Bureau of Prisons. Prior to pursuing a full-time career in academics, he worked in the banking industry as a loan officer and branch manager.A member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Dr.... More About Author

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