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Seeking and Resisting Compliance

Seeking and Resisting Compliance
Why People Say What They Do When Trying to Influence Others

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Persuasion | Social Psychology | Sociology

July 2002 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Seeking and Resisting Compliance explores how people `produce' influence messages; that is, how they decide what to say during everyday influence interactions. Wilson does not present a single theory of persuasive message production; rather, he reviews theory and research from communication, psychology, linguistics, and other fields that shed light on questions of interest.

Seeking and Resisting Compliance:

- is the first text to focus solely on how people produce, rather than respond to, persuasive messages

- includes student-friendly pedagogy, such as definitions, examples, and sections describing "common assumptions" about various theories

- provides a solid foundation for the theory and research surveys

What Is Persuasive Message Production

Describing Influence Interactions
The Traditional Approach to Message Analysis

Alternative Approaches to Message Analysis

Metaphors for Studying Persuasive Message Production
The Second Generation: Persuasive Message

Theories of Goal Pursuit
Discourse Perspectives on Persuasive Message Production

Cognitive Perspectives on Persuasive Message Production

Studying Persuasive Message Production in Context
Producing Persuasive Messages in Context: Two Case Studies

The Future of Theory and Research on Persuasive Message Production


Steven R. Wilson

Steven R. Wilson (Ph.D., Purdue University) is Professor in the Department of Communication at Purdue University. He also has been a faculty member at Michigan State, Northern Illinois, and Northwestern Universities. His research and teaching focus on interpersonal communication, social influence, and aggression/conflict. He is the author of Seeking and Resisting Compliance: Why Individuals Say What They Do When Trying to Influence Others (Sage, 2002), for which he received the Gerald R. Miller book award from the National Communication Association’s interpersonal communication division in 2005. He also has published more than 50 articles... More About Author

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