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Seeing Digital

Seeing Digital
A Visual Guide to the Industries, Organizations, and Careers of the 2020s

First Edition

July 2019 | 228 pages | SAGE Response

The Post-Cloud era has already begun. A powerful wave of new technologies—machine learning, smart products, software agents, wearables, blockchains, speech/facial recognition, robotics, augmented realities, algorithms, and 5G wireless bandwidth—is creating a digital world that is pervasive, embedded, aware, and autonomous.

Seeing Digital uses a unique visual format to illustrate how these exciting innovations will transform the industries, organizations, and careers of the 2020s. Insight-packed chapters assess the myths and realities of industry disruption, the necessity of machine intelligence, the importance of platform business models, and the challenges of digital transformation, leadership, and risk. This wide-ranging book also forecasts the coming battle between Silicon Valley and China, how innovation is shifting to the Human Platform, the future of the Enterprise IT function, and technology’s overall impact on jobs, skills, and society. With its easy to read, picture-per-page design, Seeing Digital will help you literally see our technology driven future.

Foreword Mike Lawrie, Chairman, President, and CEO, DXC Technology
What do our clients want to know?
Part I – The Post-Cloud Technology Landscape
From the cloud to the Matrix
There is nothing artificial about machine intelligence
Part II – The Digital Transformation Journey
The myths and realities of industry disruption
Becoming a platform organization
Building your firm from the outside in
Seeing technology’s risks
Digital leadership is a team sport
The future of Enterprise IT
Digital as a career requirement
Part III – Global Strategies and Competition
Leveraging the technology lifecycle
The US, China, and a bipolar global IT industry
Speaking digital – a lexicon for the 2020s

“A wonderful and captivating book that I read through in a single day.”

Professor Edward D Hess,
Darden School of Business

“Seeing Digital is an exceptionally well-done piece of work. It combines both an in-depth macro-economic analysis of the impact of the digital age, with all of its micro implementation challenges, while containing a number of useful frameworks to help parse the future. Not a comfortable read, but a very important one.”

Professor F Warren McFarlan,
Harvard Business School

“I have long been a fan of Dave’s incredible talent for flagging important technology and business trends with insightful perspective. This book is the culmination of his many years of research and thought leadership. The book’s use of graphics is simply terrific.”

Patty Morrison,
Executive VP and Chief Information Officer, Cardinal Health

“Seeing Digital is simultaneously profound, practical, and hopeful. It embraces the coming world of pervasive machine intelligence, while at the same time providing the tools needed to get digital ‘right.’”

Dave Vellante,
CEO, SiliconANGLE Media and Co-host of theCUBE

“Loved it. I leveraged many concepts from this book as focus areas for my leadership team.”

Diane Schwarz,
Chief Information Officer, Textron

“Such a great book; virtually every page contains an insight that will make you ask ‘Why didn’t I see that?’”

Rob Atkinson,
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

David Moschella

David Moschella is a research fellow at the Leading Edge Forum where he explores the global business impact of internet technologies, with a particular focus on disruptive business models, industry restructuring, and machine intelligence. He is a well-known speaker, writer, and thought leader, and is the author of two earlier books – Waves of Power (Amacom, 1997) and Customer-Driven IT (Harvard Business School Press, 2003). Previously, he was head of worldwide research for IDC, the largest market analysis firm in the information technology industry. David lives in Boston, MA. More About Author

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