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Science and Politics

Science and Politics
An A-to-Z Guide to Issues and Controversies

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May 2014 | 632 pages | CQ Press

Recent partisan squabbles over science in the news are indicative of a larger tendency for scientific research and practice to get entangled in major ideological divisions in the public arena. This politicization of science is deepened by the key role government funding plays in scientific research and development, the market leading position of U.S.-based science and technology firms, and controversial U.S. exports (such as genetically modified foods or hormone-injected livestock).

This groundbreaking, one-volume, A-to-Z reference features 120-150 entries that explore the nexus of politics and science, both in the United States and in U.S. interactions with other nations. The essays, each by experts in their fields, examine:

  • Health, environmental, and social/cultural issues relating to science and politics
  • Concerns relating to government regulation and its impact on the practice of science
  • Key historical and contemporary events that have shaped our contemporary view of how science and politics intersect

Science and Politics: An A to Z Guide to Issues and Controversies
 is a must-have resource for researchers and students who seek to deepen their understanding of the connection between science and politics.


Brent S. Steel

Brent S. Steel is professor of Political Science and director of the Public Policy Graduate Program at Oregon State University. He received a BAin Economics and Government from Eastern Washington University and a PhD and MA in Political Science from Washington State University.Dr. Steel is on the editorial boards of Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, Political Research Quarterly, and the Journal of Public Affairs and Development. He teaches courses in science and politics, public policy, research methods, environmental policy, and sustainable development. He has worked on... More About Author

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