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Savvy Decision Making

Savvy Decision Making
An Administrator's Guide to Using Focus Groups in Schools

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September 2001 | 152 pages | Corwin
`Because of its comprehensive scope, this guidebook can be a single tool for designing and implementing focus groups in schools' Patricia A All, Assistant Superintendent Olathe District Schools Olathe, Kanas

Focus groups of parents, students, community members, or teachers can be an effective means of gaining support for school decisions, for modifying programmes, and for conducting research. Yet most administrators don't have a clue about designing and running an effective focus group, much less how to ensure they're gathering valid and reliable information.

Drawing on focus group methodology, this book uses educational examples, guidelines, and step-by-step guidance to help administrators utilize this powerful qualitative research tool.

About the Authors
1. Using Focus Groups in Schools
2. Selecting a Moderator
3. Clarifying the Purpose
4. Determining the Composition of Focus Groups
5. Making Decisions About Scheduling Focus Groups
6. Finalizing Important Details
7. Recruiting Participants
8. Developing a Focus Group Guide
9. Moderating a Focus Group
10. Analyzing and Reporting Focus Group Findings

"Because of its comprehensive scope, this guidebook can be a single tool for designing and implementing focus groups in schools."

Patricia A. All
Assistant Superintendent, Olathe District Schools, Olathe, KS

"This is truly an amazing resource for anyone using – or thinking of using – focus groups for any sort of decision making in educational organizations...a blueprint for success."

Richard Keaster, Professor & Chair
University of South Mississippi

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Madhavi Jayanthi

Madhavi Jayanthi, Ed.D., is a respected lecturer, presenter, and writer in the fields of qualitative research and special education. His articles have appeared in the Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, Reading and Writing Quarterly, School Psychology Review and many other publications. Most recently Dr. Jayanthi served as consulting editor for the Journal of Learning Disabilities. He continues to write and lecture nationwide. More About Author

Janet S. Nelson

Janet Sylvann Nelson, Ed.D., is currently Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. She has worked as a special education teacher, a supervisor of student interns, and a research associate at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. An accomplished author and researcher, her work has appeared in Remedial and Special Education and Reading and Writing Quarterly, among many others Dr Nelson has also presented across the country on the subjects of special education, communication, and research and testing methodologies. More About Author

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