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SAS Programming for Researchers and Social Scientists

SAS Programming for Researchers and Social Scientists

April 2001 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book provides instruction about how to write computer programs using SAS language. It focuses on common programming tasks frequently encountered in conducting data analysis; and provides advice about how to learn the SAS lanuguage and how to use it efficiently.
Introduction to the SAS System
Inputting and Outputting Data
Programming Algebraic and Mathematical Observations
Logical Statements
Branching with GOTO and LINK
Do Loops
Manipulating Files
Final Advice on Becoming an SAS Programmer

"Just what the novice SAS programmer needs, particularly those who have no real programming experience. For example, branching is one of the more difficult programming commands for students to implement and the author does an excellent job of explaining this topic clearly and at a basic level. A big plus is the Common Errors section since students will definitely encounter errors." 

Robert Pavur
Management Science, University of North Texas

"Spector has done an excellent job in explaining a somewhat difficult topic in a clear and concise manner. I like the fact that screen captures are included. It allows students to better follow what is being described in the book in relation to what is on the screen." 

Philip Craiger
Computer Science, University of Nebraska, Omaha

Paul E. Spector

Paul E. Spector is a distinguished professor of industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology and I/O doctoral program director at the University of South Florida. He is also director of the NIOSH funded Sunshine Education and Research Center's Occupational Health Psychology doctoral program. He is the Associate Editor for Point/Counterpoint for Journal of Organizational Behavior, Associate Editor for Work & Stress, and is on the editorial boards of Journal of Applied Psychology and Human Resources Management Review. He has research interests in both content and research methodology. His content research concerns occupational health and... More About Author

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