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SAGE Research Methods Datasets

Master data analysis with hands-on practice

SAGE Research Methods Datasets is a collection of teaching datasets that can be used to support the teaching and independent learning of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods used in the social sciences. These are datasets taken from real research projects, but edited and cleaned for teaching purposes. Each dataset is accompanied by a short, clear narrative description of the data and easy-to-follow instructions on how to apply the research method.


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Content and Features

  • Hundreds of teaching datasets to practice qualitative and quantitative analytical methods
  • Datasets can be downloaded in a range of file formats and cited
  • Datasets support a range of qualitative and quantitative analytical methods and stem from research in Business, Education, Health, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology
  • Each dataset includes a description of the data, a how-to guide for applying the method in question, additional methods that can be applied to the set, static visualizations, and codebooks where necessary
  • Fully integrated on the SAGE Research Methods platform

"Librarians interested in offering educational and how-to support for data analysis (as well as librarians interested in undertaking their own research) may find SAGE Research Methods Datasets to be a helpful resource in navigating the waters of data analysis."

Emily Vardell
School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA