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SAGE Research Methods Cases

Learn from stories of real research

  • Do your students struggle with research methods and statistics?
  • Do your students fail to see the relevance and application of their methods or statistics course?
  • Do you need a resource that can bring academic research to life?

SAGE Research Methods Cases add color and context to more instructional methods material by showing the obstacles and choices researchers must face when their project moves from paper to the often messy real world of test subjects.


Watch the SAGE Research Methods Cases demo:

Content and Features

  • The projects featured stem from research in Anthropology, Business, Criminology, Economics, Education, Geography, Health, History, Marketing, Media and Communication, Nursing, Political Science, Professional Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Social Policy, and Social Work
  • Each case includes learning objectives, discussion questions, and links to the published article when available
  • Search cases by subject area, academic level, and/or methods used
  • Fully integrated on the SAGE Research Methods platform, so cases appear in searches on SRM or via the Methods Map

SAGE Research Methods Cases is the winner of a 2015 Choice Outstanding Academic Titles award!