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SAGE Readings for Introductory Sociology

SAGE Readings for Introductory Sociology

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January 2015 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This concise, affordable anthology contains 22 popular sociology statements designed to introduce readers to the sociological perspective. The readings cover core topics in sociology, including culture, socialization, interaction, deviance, gender, class, and race. An alternate, topical table of contents suggests ways to match readings to other subfields in sociology (like family, education, work, and religion), and identifies readings that reflect four theoretical traditions: functionalism, symbolic interactionism, conflict theory, and feminism.
Part I: Thinking Sociologically
The Sociological Imagination - C. Wright Mills
Invitation to Sociology - Peter L. Berger
The Restroom and Equal Opportunity - Harvey Molotch
An Introduction to McDonaldization - George Ritzer
Dammed Lies and Statistics - Joel Best
Part II: Culture, Socialization, and Interaction
Body Rituals Among the Nacirema - Horace Miner
Islands of Meaning - Eviatar Zerubavel
The Presentation of Self in Everday Life - Erving Goffman
Anybody’s Son Will Do - Gwynne Dyer
Part III: Constructing Deviance and Normality
On Being Sane in Insane Places - David L. Rosenhan
The Rise of Viagra - Meika Loe
Situational Ethics and College Student Cheating - Emily E. LaBeff, Robert E. Clark, Valerie J. Haines, and George M. Diekhoff
The Way We Weren’t: The Myth and Reality of the “Traditional” Family - Stephanie Coontz
Part IV: Gender
Doing Gender - Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman
Marked: Women in the Workplace - Deborah Tannen
The Boy Code - William Pollack
Part V: Race
Racial Formations - Michael Omi and Howard Winant
How to Talk Nasty about Blacks without Sounding "Racist" - Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
The Code of the Streets - Elijah Anderson
Part VI: Social Class
The Uses of Poverty: The Poor Pay All - Herbert J. Gans
Unequal Childhoods - Annette Lareau
Preparing for Power: Curriculum and Cultural Power - Peter W. Cookson, Jr. and Caroline Persell


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Too much for my students to handle

Professor Carlos Enrique Zeisel
Behavioral Sciences, Southwestern Ill Clg-Bell
November 18, 2015

Love it!

Dr Henry Bartlett
History, Philosophy & Social Sciences, SUNY Broome
April 8, 2015

Not really a fan of the variety of readings.

Dr LaToya Tavernier
Sociology Dept, Framingham State University
September 1, 2015

Good collection of classic articles

Dr Beverly Bennett
Social Science Dept, Wilbur Wright College
August 30, 2015

Kimberly Jean McGann

Kimberly J. McGann (Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo) is Associate Professor of Sociology at Nazareth College in Rochester, N.Y., where she regularly teaches introduction to sociology, marriage and families, race and ethnicity, and mass media and popular culture. More About Author

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