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SAGE Indie Publishing


SAGE YODA Press is known for its compelling list of titles on crucial subjects ranging from political debates across the Social Sciences to Gender and Sexuality studies, Ethnic studies, and other topics that hold a significant presence in contemporary discourses. Both academic as well as popular, these books catalogue a blend of interesting non-fiction including life stories, field studies, policy studies and social issues.

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SAGE Popular Prakashan

Supplementing the textbook space, SAGE Popular Prakashan aims to bring bestselling titles in the Social Sciences before a larger global audience. These timeless textbooks by path breaking authors are highly acclaimed by students and lecturers alike, and open new avenues for debates and research.

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SAGE Stree

SAGE Stree further enriches our already exhaustive list of books on Women’s studies. Covering a wide range of topics including the politics of culture, ideology, class relations and political subjection, these scholarly resources address a diverse set of key issues concerning women: their struggles at the workplace, in marriage, family and religion.

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SAGE Samya SAGE Samya

SAGE Samya focuses on a diverse range of topics including Cultural studies, Dalit studies, Sociology, Anthropology to name a few. By generating a radical understanding of culture and its transformative potential to influence individual experiences, social relations and power structures, these erudite books aim to unravel the politics of cultural hegemony as well as resistance.


SAGE Vitasta 

By bringing content that challenges outdated thoughts and social practices and presenting novel perspectives on changing world realities, SAGE Vitasta aims to publish path-breaking scholarly books that will advocate the importance of freedom of speech by voicing issues which are otherwise often left unheard. This imprint fearlessly captures the critical and reigning issues of today’s world.